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Fully Funded UNICEF Graduate and Student Internships 2023

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Hurray! Are you actively looking for an opportunity to accelerate your career? The application for the UNICEF Graduate and Student Internships for 2023 is now available.

UNICEF Internships

Are you passionate about getting hands-on experience that will shape your career in the future? The fully funded UNICEF Graduate and Student Internships 2023 is just for you! 

UNICEF Graduate and Student Internships 2023

Have you recently graduated and are you looking for a job? Would you be interested in working for UNICEF while you are still in school? After that, you are able to submit an application for career opportunities and internships with UNICEF that are geared toward students and recent graduates. Candidates with a high level of motivation and talent who are interested in gaining some practical experience are encouraged to apply.

The UNICEF Internship Programme offers students pursuing undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degrees from a wide range of academic disciplines the opportunity to gain practical experience with UNICEF by participating in one of the organization’s many internships around the world. Recent graduates who have graduated within the previous two years also qualify for this opportunity

The UNICEF Internship Programme offers students and recent graduates from diverse academic backgrounds the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with UNICEF through global internship opportunities.

Interns at UNICEF get experiential learning opportunities in the humanitarian sector and a meaningful internship experience that will support their academic, professional, and personal development.

Internship Location: UNICEF Regions

What can you expect from the UNICEF Internship for Graduates and Students in 2023?

In addition to gaining practical experience in the humanitarian field, interns at UNICEF have the opportunity to participate in meaningful work that will contribute to their continued professional, intellectual, and personal growth.

Through participation in our internship program, students and recent graduates have the opportunity to gain direct practical work experience. The length of an internship can range anywhere from three to twenty-six weeks. There are two different kinds of internships: full-time and part-time.

Method of Application 

How-to-Apply for UNICEF Internship:

To be successfully considered for the UNICEF Internship or Career Program for Students and Recent Graduates, applicants must complete the following steps:

When you find a vacancy that interests you, please click the “Apply Now” button and follow the instructions for the application process.

Examine the requirements for each UNICEF Internships opportunity carefully, and tailor your profile to highlight your suitability for the role.

With these application and assessment tips, you can create a compelling profile and land your dream job.

As a result of the large number of applications received, only those who have been shortlisted will be contacted. You can find current opportunities on our vacancies page.

Selection Requirements

Applicants must meet the following requirements to be considered for a UNICEF Internship

Applicants must be over the age of 18.

Applicants who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral program or who have graduated within the last two years

Ability to communicate effectively in at least one of UNICEF’s working languages: English, French, or Spanish. Fluency in the working language of the office to which you are applying is also required.

Have no immediate relatives (e.g., mother, father, sister, or brother) working for UNICEF or any other relatives in your reporting chain of command.

Have a strong academic record and motivation

Any professional experience relevant to the function for which you are applying will be given special consideration. 

Application Perks for the UNICEF Internship

Successful applicants for the UNICEF Internship Program for Students and Recent Graduates will receive the following benefits:

  • UNICEF provides a monthly stipend to interns. A one-time lump sum, as a contribution towards travel and visa costs, may also be granted when funding is available.
  • Visa: If necessary, UNICEF will provide relevant supporting documents for our visa applications.

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