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De-Stressing Your Work-Life Balance (6 Easy Tips)

Right from time it has always been quite difficult for most people to manage their work-life balance and their personal life.

It’s either one gets in the way of the other or something else interferes with both of them.

Most times we end up reflecting and ruminating on what we should have done differently. Establishing healthy work routines is definitely a positive way of trying to avoid the stress of balancing your work life.

So in a bid to guide you through how to manage your work-life balance, we developed 6 easy tips that could be helpful in de-stressing your work-life balance.

Find Yourself A Mentor Or Role Model

It is safe to say, a lot of people would advise you to get a mentor even if you can’t reach him but you can read about him.

When you let yourself get more exposure to a new perspective and ideology of an individual you value or respect. This exposure gives you an insight on solutions to situations you have never witnessed and errors you have not made yet.

Their guidance does not remove the fact that you already made a series of mistakes but instead it is just a map or a guideline to keep you from making future mistakes.

Following a mentor  also gives you the capability to rip off ideas and improve them, they also give you a lifestyle that probably helped them handle their work-life balance along with their regular lives. The importance of having a mentor is like getting tips on handling particular issues someone already passed through and won.


The issue of setting your priority which is another easy tip to manage your work-life balance can not be over emphasized.  Naturally as humans, there’s probably just a few things that can probably bring peace to your mind after ticking off your most critical, anxiety or fear-inducing tasks and responsibilities.

So it is satisfying to actually carry out your tasks in order of importance and urgency. So that way you’d relieve yourself of so much stress of rushing and becoming very prone to mistakes.

Putting your focus on important and urgent tasks will give you a feeling of accomplishment and help you feel less stressed or worked out at the end of the day. You will have a sense of satisfaction and you’d be relaxed that you already put your best foot forward.

Relax Your Mental And Physical Self 

Relaxing you mental and physical self is another great way of managing you work-life balance.Taking a break or slowing yourself down a bit is a perfect way of refilling and recharging your batteries and preparing yourself for the journey that lies ahead.

Try to take a break or time off following your schedule away from your desk or work. At the same time don’t deprive yourself of your night rest because as little as it might be it is very important for your mental and physical health.

Avoiding or stopping your night rests might make you do more tasks and produce a short term boost in your production but then it can be stressful and detrimental in the long run for your mental and physical health.

The body would automatically break down once it stops getting the adequate amount of rest that it needs or when it works too much and rests a little. 

Plan Your Vacation Activities In Advance 

Long before your vacation approaches, you should be sure of the things you want to do, the places you would love to visit and how you want to relax yourself.

Make a plan for your PTO ( paid time off). PTO is a specific time an employee goes on a paid leave from work duties at a certain period of time.

So before you get closer to the stipulated time for the break, make an order of your activities and if possible start making reservations before the D-day. No matter how often you do it, this will make the difference between using the valuable benefit you have been given or wasting it. 

Do More Exercise 

As hard as it sounds, it is quite important for keeping body and soul together. You don’t have to go to the gym before you actually know you exercise, it can be just having a stroll around your street in the morning , jogging , a few push ups and the like in the morning.

The benefits of daily exercise are clear from a health standpoint but it can also bring a noticeable impact on how productive you can be and ease your stress levels.

Like completing important tasks early in the day , finishing a run or workout, gives you a sense of achievement to push you through the day. We highly recommend exercising regularly as it helps in managing your work-life balance.

Eat Regularly And Eat Fruits 

Regardless of how busy you get , try to eat well and don’t starve yourself. Eating Regularly is another great tip for managing your work-life balance.

A popular saying goes: The strength in your stomach gives you strength to work. As much as you eat, you should also take fruits to keep you healthy well enough. Fruits boost your immune system and keep you  in a very good shape.

In other words eat well and take fruits to give you the kind of strength you need to boost your productivity. 

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