Career Advice

Choosing The Right Career

Choosing the right career path is a very tough decision to make and it requires a careful assessment of your abilities, potential and aspirations to move ahead. A career is the sum of your professional journey. Many people embark on this journey because it can help them achieve their goals, such as acquiring more knowledge and experience, taking on more responsibility, or earning higher salaries. 

It is a challenge for everyone to sustain in the ever growing competitive professional world where a right move at the right time may take you to pinnacles, while a wrong move may dwell you into pits. You might have had the right skills to move ahead but you need to use them in the right direction to be able to succeed in your career.

Steps To Choosing The Right Career Path

  • 1. Know your potential and passion.

As much as exploring career paths and following professionals in that field is a good thing, you should always identify your potential and identify what your interest is,  know what you enjoy doing the most, what you do for fun, the kind of people you respect, find what they do for work and know who your role model is.

This will require a lot of research, interviewing people and assessing your needs to build on what you want to do. Basically, you will need to so a lot of researching before finally getting what works for you so, take your time and do not be in a hurry.

  • 2. Choose The field or industry where you would like to work.

There are a variety of jobs in respective fields, for example, if you choose IT as your career there are a variety of jobs that may fit to your respective line of study. There are a variety of roles in IT as Software engineering, Business development, Sales, Administration, HR, Quality, Research & development etc. You may choose to the stream depending on your line of study, for example, if you are an MBA in HR, you may look for roles within Human Resource Management.

  • 3. Be trained and equipped in the path you have chosen

Enroll for the required trainings and education in the career you have chosen. Enhance your skills by connecting, networking, educating, taking trainings and keep contributing in any short term assignments in-line with your career.

Do not leave any gaps in your study, education and expertise that are needed to get a profession in your chosen career field.  Volunteer in companies or NGO, Internship is also another way to gain more knowledge and experience.

Choosing the right career path is definitely challenging and tasking. However, you need to keep an open mind and be optimistic. take deliberate actions to improve your skill set in the career path that you have chosen, get yourself a mentor in the field you have chosen and read books that would help you.

  • 4. Be optimistic

When you are finally trained and ready to take up your dream job, be very optimistic in your approach and start taking necessary actions to boost your career. Prepare yourself for the change and drastic shifts that come your way in your career. Keep yourselves focused and cherish every single opportunity that comes your way. Remember, your prospective employer is always looking out for the best in you in pursuit of skilled and educated workers to contribute to their organization.

Except we want to be lied to, choosing the right path is no doubt very challenging and demanding. However, all it needs is sheer fortitude and open mind. Having a well-defined career objective helps you in landing on the right job.

Hard work, planning and self-reflection are the three crucial factors, which help you in setting yourself on a successful and fulfilling career path.