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6 Work Advantages You Wouldn’t Believe Exists

We always thought the water dispenser, Air conditioning , and the great chairs were comforts that made the office very desirable and more like a home away from home. In recent times companies have been forced or maybe compelled to give some certain advantages especially to their top staff, probably to keep them or entice them.  We would be looking at some certain benefits that companies give out these days.

1. Flexible work hours

Following the pandemic the term working from home has gained more prominence over the years. These days most employees have access to their company mails on their phones and this makes it easier for them to work and reply to company Mails in their comfort zones and makes them twice as productive as they originally were.

The idea of a 9am – 5pm kind of job seems pretty much outdated these days because work is actually very mobile these days and everyone.  That’s probably why some people think the coronavirus pandemic was also a blessing in disguise as it changed the business world for good and working from home is a thing for corporate organizations .

Sometimes this luxury of flexible timing is also applicable to certain roles for instance a graphics designer for a bank does not necessarily have to be in the banking hall for the normal banking hours 

2. Flexible annual leave

One new peeks given to staffs is that unlike the normal company traditions we all know, the normal protocol is that you can apply for a leave just once in a year, but in recent times some companies have made it possible to go on leave anytime you want without having to talk to much or wait too long for approval.

Most times the only condition that the leave would not be approved is cases where the applicant’s job isn’t completed or times when the absence of the applicant would have a tremendous change at this point in time but anything outside these two, you are always free to go and leave for as much as you are.

3. Free Fitness and free meals

Furthermore companies recently discovered most of their staffs are less productive due to fatigue and maybe malnourished foods since most of them get so engrossed in work that they eat at fast food outlets and the likes , so the company takes it upon themselves to have a chef prepare meals for them at work to freshen and enhance their productivity. 

It doesn’t just end with free meals, a lot of adults and youths don’t exercise or go to the gym. A lot of them are practically too busy, so most companies either make a room for exercise within their premises or they arrange for free fitness training in such establishments just to keep their staff fit and strong for the job.

4. Provision for mental health therapist 

Everyone is going through one particular thing or the other , everyone is thinking too much and depression seems to be everyone’s companion these days. Companies make provision for therapists which are available to the staff of an organization.

Companies figured out that their staff needs someone to calm and treat them mentally so their staff can have clear heads and focus on what is more important. A confused man is prone to make many mistakes so this is what firms avoid. This can also be said to be under the category of what is tagged the support system that is maintained and focused on taking great care of  employees. Companies believe it is important to cater for your nenfal

5. Referral earnings 

It is now a trend in companies that they pay or better still appreciate their staffs that help or refer someone for a permanent position that appears vacant. Most companies compensate their staff who refer them to their new employees. This trend though looks less important but then it actually goes a long way in encouraging their staff to help other people and being a better suggestion for the vacant post.

6. Expense paid trips 

This is a new trend in companies that pay for vacation trips for their otop staff to leave the work environment and go far away to try and relax and get their head wrapped off work.

It is becoming quite integral that in recent times some federal government staff take paid trips sponsored by the federal government to go and relax and definitely enjoy themselves following a long time of tedious and intense work, they are allowed or compelled to go on vacation so they don’t break down in fatigue. 

These few points just show just how much fun the company or labour market has. These privileges are enjoyed in almost all companies presently.

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