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Words You Really Need To Avoid During Interview

While preparing for an interview, you obviously should know best that is a point you would definitely be asked to describe or talk about yourself and most definitely your skills especially the ones that are linked to the role or position you are currently interviewed for.

While trying to answer or describe yourself to the interviewer there are some words we all use subconsciously that would be best avoided even if they sound very positive.

Most of us definitely make our preparations off the internet which is going to provide us with commonly used words that definitely sounds so overused, outdated and cliched, while some of these words may undermine your abilities and skills or in most cases the interviewer or hiring manager has definitely heard of these words a whole lot of times while conducting an interview.

So, in this article we would be looking at these words in two contexts. We would look into words that undermine or downplay your abilities and the commonly used or overused words too. So first we would talk of the words that undermine and downplay your skills and abilities when used in an interview.

Try To Be Careful Of Using Words That Downplay Your Abilities

Most people either get intimidated or uncomfortable talking about their skills. Researches have shown how frequent and common jobseekers actually feel uneasy talking about themselves during the course of an interview.

Amazing or better still surprisingly lots of top officials also find it very difficult to talk about their skills, even their experiences.

Following the feeling of intimidation about flaunting or talking about skills, most people involuntarily get lured into the trap of using words that make them prone to undermining their achievements just in an attempt to not sound proud or arrogant during the interview.

We probably always forget that during an interview is not the best situation or environment to downplay your skills or accomplishments. It is even the best and most crucial time to actually flaunt and rely on positive languages that should sell your skills and strengths to the hiring manager. So, these are a list of a few words that should be avoided so you won’t be sending a feeling that you are not comfortable talking about your achievements during an interview. 

  • The use of the word WE: in a situation where you are probably asked about how you used your skills to solve a particular issue or how you have used your skills into good use, do you probably subconsciously use se the word we instead of using I? it has become very natural and irresistible for most of us to not use we to answer questions about your skills and experiences of utilizing your skills, not knowing that the interviewing panel is particular about your sole impact and not the collective impact. Try to curb yourself to use the word I instead of WE during interviews
  • The use of the word JUST: when you use the word just during interviews it pulls down your role or responsibility and achievements. For example, trying to talk about what you did to handle an issue and you use the word I JUST DID THAT or I JUST SAID THIS. The use of these words JUST will simply emphasize the skill of confidence that you probably lack.
  • The use of the word ONLY: this particular word is almost like the use of Just too. It downplays your skills. If perhaps there is a feeling that you probably lack in some areas then be upfront about the skills and experiences that you have and how you plan to gain more exposure in certain areas.
  • The use of the word is obvious: most times your interviewer is a stranger to you and vice versa so it is always safe not to jump into conclusion or assume that there is anything about you that is obvious to the interviewer. When you use the word obviously you are sending the opinion that the interviewer should know about a certain thing and they don’t. So aside from the fact that it is wrong, it also helps you avoid potential conflict when you exclude this word during your interview.

Try To Avoid Using Certain Words That Are Clearly Overused

As earlier said in the introductory part of this article following the fact that most of us search for tips on interviews on the internet which clearly would provide you with common and overused words. So which words are overused that you need to avoid. 

  • The use of WORKAHOLIC: initially after the rise of this word, it was usually a selling point to many people, but lately it appears to have been overused and definitely not holding so much importance anymore. In recent times the term work-life balancing has appeared to take more stand and relevance to hiring managers lately as nobody wants a workaholic. All work and no play makes you a dull boy, and is beginning to crawl into the professional world.
  • The use of PERFECTIONIST: it clearly states you always want things to be 100% but an interviewer could see a weakness right through this word, the weakness is that you are probably not prone to work under pressure or work on time since you would want to perfect every work. 

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