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What To Do After Redundancy

It is common to get redundant in your workplace. Most times it comes when we least expect and for some it could probably be anticipated long before it even shows up. Regardless of the situation after your role is made redundant, what comes to your head is what is next?.

What happens after this, for some people the spread of emotional fluctuation kicks in and gets so overwhelming and gets the best of them. Shock, fear and anxiety are always an expected reaction to your role becoming redundant, and automatically you start to lose confidence and a sense of identity.

Regardless, redundancy could likewise be a great opportunity for you. Getting redundant from your role, comes usually with some financial compensation or maybe a forward or prior notice before it happens.

It thereby makes it a great time to actually source out for other options and take an evaluation test for yourself. It is best to weigh your options in this time to decide either to look for a similar role or better change career paths completely.

It is also best to actually explain what redundancy actually means. It is simply put as a position in employment when your services are no longer needed or useful for the organization, so your contract gets terminated.

This does not mean you probably did anything wrong that is why it comes with financial compensations and it is totally different from getting fired. How do you handle or carry yourself after redundancy? These are some positive steps to look into after redundancy.

1. Be Sure Of Your Financial Status

One major fear that consumes you after the redundancy is the feeling that there would be no next paycheck. You are totally unaware and uncertain on if where your next payday would be or if there is even going to be one anytime soon… if your expenses do not always come with a budget then it might be time to actually take it into consideration and put pen to paper on budgeting and analyzing your current financial status.

Then you should also check with the human resources department on the benefits that could possibly come with redundancy if there is a referral or financial compensation or both.

2. It Is Best To Consider Temporary Work Or Labor

It is best to move on and not dwell on the past. Some people just man up and quickly move on to the next available job. If you are not this lucky to find a job quickly after the redundancy happens, then it it’s best you go on the search for short or temporary jobs you could do for the time been. If you get a temporary job it might just be what you need to quit thinking and brooding over the last job you lost.

3. Do Some Evaluation

In order to move on it is best to avoid and notice mistakes you made before you move on to the next. Ruminate and reminisce on what you enjoyed and what you did not do well in the former job before your position got redundant. This way you would be able to know what to avoid and what to expect and how to solve them if it is solvable.

After doing this it’s best you actually make enquiries about your role and see if it still has value and how demanded it is in the labor or career market. It would not be so great but it happens that there are people who have been made redundant in multiple companies, not because they are not skillful but because their role is not in demand and probably not relevant anymore.

So, do certain research on what you ought to do and what can be added to enhance your qualification for a new job or if not then it is best to change career paths totally.

4. Consider Changing Your Career Entirely

Most times a lot of us don’t get joy from the work you do because you are probably after the salary and not your passion. If you don’t get passionate about your job then you probably might have to change your career into something you are more passionate about.

I would suggest once your role gets redundant, then it’s best to actually think of a new career that definitely gives you joy and might put you in employment for a long term and can give you satisfaction.

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