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What Is Emotional Intelligence? And Its Importance In The Workplace

Emotional intelligence though most times is not taken entirely seriously as everyone takes or derives more pleasures from Intellectual intelligence instead. When we talk about emotional intelligence what does it simply mean? it is usually the capability or the efficiency of an individual to manage, control his or her and eventually following this process such a person should be able to control the emotions of other people too.

It is a situation where you can’t give what you don’t have. It is an ability to control your own emotion and influence the emotions felt by other people too. In the conversations or discussions about leadership, a lot of writers leave out the importance of emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is an integral and crucial skill to have as a leader. As a leader your emotions should be in check and likewise you should be able to affect or influence the emotions of others too. It is simply the efficient handling of interpersonal relations.

Permit me to say it is an under rated door to personal and professional success, it hammers on the importance of emotional intelligence. To control your emotions, definitely understanding your personality and your emotion would be integral to this process.

When you can successfully understand your emotions, you get the strength and understanding to utilize and manage your emotions and then in turn you get to utilize it efficiently by effectively communicating and understanding other people’s emotions to aid better relationships.

It strengthens your relation with people and could help you achieve your goals as an individual and professionally. The understanding of your emotions or emotional intelligence builds and creates a link between you and your feelings and also brings intentions into reality. It gives you certainty and well-seasoned information about decisions that matter to you.

So, to move on from this, what or why do we think emotional intelligence is important in the workplace?

Importance Of Emotional Intelligence In Your Workplace

As earlier said we all place too much importance on intellectual intelligence over emotional intelligence. They are both inseparable and neither of them is better than the other, the ratio might just not be proportional.

Your intellectual intelligence can definitely get you through the oral examination, through interviews and probably examinations but your emotional intelligence would keep the job for you, the emotional intelligence helps you manage and scale through the stress and emotional instability that comes with the job your intellectual intelligence got you in the first place, your emotional intelligence keeps the job for you.

So, what is the importance of emotional intelligence in your workplace?

It Stabilizes Your Mental Health

When you start to leave or pay little or no attention to emotions and stress, when you intentionally or unintentionally leave emotions and stress uncontrolled, they feast on your mental health and make you very vulnerable to depression and anxiety.

When you lose the understanding of your emotions, if you don’t get comfortable with your emotions, it is possible you could get back at you with your mental health. You need emotional intelligence to stabilize and boost your relationships, so the lack of emotional intelligence would disrupt your relationships with other people and then loneliness kicks in and you start becoming isolated and distant from other people and this would have a negative impact on your mental health.

Your Health In General

Lack of control on your emotions and stress, could lead to serious health problems. Unmanaged or definitely uncontrollable stress or emotions could lead to several health complications like high blood pressure, weaken your immune system and you stand a chance to actually be hypertensive, risks of heart attacks and strokes. So emotional intelligence, if not well managed, puts your health at a lot of detriments.

It Builds Work Relationship

Understanding and controlling your emotions, as the meaning of emotional intelligence also states that it also influences your relationships with other people. It enhances your communication skills and makes it more effective and creates a stronger work relationship both at work and personal life at the same time. The major importance of emotional intelligence is definitely to boost and enhance interpersonal relationships.

It Boosts Your Performance Levels

When your emotional intelligence level gets to its peak and you gain absolute control of your emotions and feelings, it gives you a better means of controlling and directing your social complexities of the work environment, it helps you become a better leader and helps you motivate your colleagues. 

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