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Tips You Need To Start A New Career From The Scratch (Part Two)

Following on from the first part of this article, it was extensively explained and discussed majorly on the reasons why people want to change careers and jobs to a totally new one without considering the many obstacles or challenges that could probably be upfront of this decision.

This part would extensively take you through the steps needed to actually start something up from scratch after you understand the reason for wanting to change in the first place. It is safe to first know that starting over is a very big decision for anybody regardless, so to start over there has to be a laid-out plan and it is not something you just bump into without having a plan or a structure in place.

Starting over definitely comes in different steps before finally starting over begins, you have to tackle each problem as it comes, one by one and not all at once so you don’t come crashing back to the ground. So the first step towards starting over should definitely come from the realization that you need a plan, a very organized one at that, it has to be well structured and detailed.

This article there would be breaking down of the …. Steps you need to look into while changing careers.

Ensure To Have A Self-Assessment

The first important thing to do is to first of all understand yourself. You have to get an understanding of yourself as a person and establish the fact that you are not lost in yourself. Understanding yourself would now pave way for some certain questions of which the answers to these questions now further paves way for the other steps to starting over or changing careers.

Questions like what are your natural strengths? What actually motivates you? Who are the type of people you really want to work with? What kind of work culture do you best find suitable and perfect for you? What kind of job or task best makes you feel energized and not weak? The answers of these questions are what eventually open and shine light to what career you should actually consider in this regard.

Check Out Career Options

The answers from the first steps questions are actually what would spell out the possible career options that might be suitable for you to follow up on. The answers would spring out possible careers that might actually interest you.

After highlighting what possible career you fit into and which one actually makes you happy, you research about them and this helps you shortlist to find a role or career that best suits you and gives a sense of fulfillment.

So whatever shortlist you have then you refer back to the results from the self-assessment and this helps you either approve of this new role or disapprove of it and continue with the search.  

This Is The Time To Actually Communicate With Other People

After you narrow down your options with the shortlist, then now is the best time to speak to people in the line of field to have a better understanding of the role that you already have interest in, so the person might be able to put you through a couple of things to do or better still make enquiries if you could probably have an informational interview to have a better understanding of the new career upfront.

You have to note that this is not an actual interview, it Is just a meeting or interview that is just informational for you about the job you hope to take on next and this interview would be the final determinant on if you can actually do it or not. Making an online research cannot totally replace physical meetings with people who are actually in that line

Instead Of Waiting Pick Up A Course Or Training

After the research you have already made and you probably discover, the job execution might take a while, instead of just sitting idle, pick up a course or training that is related to the job you already focused on.

Emphasis on picking a course or training that’s related to the new chosen field or career and not just picking any random course and hope for the best yet to come. 


Starting over is almost the same as laying a new foundation, starting afresh. To start over it is definitely going to cost you some money either plenty or little regardless of the kind of career you take up now. You can probably take an initial pay-cut from the job or include having time away from work as part of your career change. 

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