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Tips You Need To Start A New Career From The Scratch (Part One)

When feelings of unhappiness or when your morale and attitude to work probably declines and then the urge to further search for a new role that you feel is best suitable for you, or perhaps the thoughts of changing career seem quite feasible already. In most cases hanging careers might simply mean starting over and starting over is definitely a very big step that should be made critically. The attempt or feeling to change career might simply be more of a conviction deep down and a search for something bigger.

A lot of people have tried this and most of them, especially the ones who critically analyzed this situation before leaping into it, most of them turned out great in the long run. So, to a large extent if you feel changing careers or starting over might be the best thing to do following a feeling of unhappiness in the current role then go for it. This now further brings us to the question of why switch careers?

Is It Really Necessary To Switch Careers?

Personally, you could probably have different reasons why the need to switch careers might be necessary to you. On a general level, most people want to change careers for three broad reasons that range from the search for a better work-life balance, a higher salary or better work benefits, and challenging yourself. Narrowing these three major reasons down, what really are the reasons why most people want to change careers or industries completely?

  • Most times the current or the present job might be far off from your interests and values. So, instead of enduring, once you get to the last stretch of endurance then you figure out that there’s something more to do hence the urge to find a new path that aligns with your interest and your values. Values and interests of individuals differ, so when you stick to a job that probably does not add up with your values or anything that interests you, most times it reduces your productivity and you would not be able to deliver when you ought to. So, it would be advisable for you to follow your interests and values in this context. Values and interests are also factors that make or mar work attitude and work morale in every individual and organization at large. 
  • The search for a career that further gives space for a better work-life balance, especially when in the current job you experience a lot of burn-out after working relentlessly for hours. If your personality probably clicks with the remote or the kind of job that does not require a whole lot from you, then it may be the best idea to switch. 
  • There are times you return to work after your leave or break and you realize you are not entirely happy in the current career or role they are in. A lot of people just jumped into their current career probably due to pressure or it has an attractive pay so they leave the work happiness factor and later in the long run find out they are not happy with the job as the job is a total contrast to their passion. So, people like this bring up this reason of why people want to change careers or jobs, is to find happiness and satisfaction in jobs. In most jobs there’s probably no feeling of fulfillment so at this point it would be best to actually change career to something (CAREER OR JOB) that actually makes them happy to do in a long-term basis
  • The urge to do more creative work and express yourself in a more creative space. A lot of people in a job or a career feel restricted or limited to do some tasks or express themselves freely so sometimes or most times you feel your opinions are probably not being heard or you feel less of your ideas because they always get dismissed. Creativity is quite unique to everyone and quite dynamic at the same time. My perception of creativity might be different from yours, so this would bring a clash of perception and this would be enough reason for anyone to want to change sides into a career that best appreciates his or her ideas.
  • There is always the urge to do more and become more. The urge to impact the world and make contributions to the world at large.

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