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Things To Do If You Are Bothered About Losing Your Job

Following the outbreak of the corona virus in 2020, has caused a sense of uncertainty and confusion into our working lives as of today.

The scale of employment has been flexible as some employees were made to work remotely, some had their working hours reduced and some have been laid off from work leaving the rest of the employees uncertain of their work stability.

The feeling or sensation of job or work insecurity is absolutely certain and totally human but there are a lot of ways to deal with uncertainty and insecurities you are currently going through. What steps can you probably take to remain calm in the midst of uncertainty?

Set Aside Time To Worry

Following up on successful steps to handle worries , trying to be practical in handling worries, it has been proved that compartmentalizing works a lot for this.

Be sure to select and schedule your time to worry every day, a time to carefully attend to all of your worries and problems. I would personally recommend you schedule out time every day to write out your worries and concerns and devise every means to sort it out.

Acknowledging your fears, concerns and worries is a good step to dealing with them. Dedicating time and space to your worries is a great step to acknowledging and attesting to your fears.

The funny thing about a scheduled worry time is that it can be very flexible and laid out according to your own rules but be careful not to do this closely to the time you probably want to go to bed otherwise you won’t stop thinking about it and insomnia kicks in. In order not to get your hopes so high, don’t forget this particular step is for you to actually acknowledge and know your fears and not solutions to your worries.

Work Out What You Can Not Control

A certain question you always have to ask yourself when you get pretty insecure about your job, is to ask and be sure if it is something you can actually control. Most times it’s always depressing and weakening to be in a realm where you constantly ask yourself on loop, of What if?

Instead of dwelling in this hell loop, why don’t you try to classify your worries in the ones you can control and the ones you can’t control. It is purely human to attempt and try to solve every problem we encounter but we always forget the fact that not all problems are in our reach or capacity to solve for instance the pandemic repercussions, industries reducing their budgets and the likes are all out of our control so it is safe not to dwell on them and think of a way out instead.

Focus On What You Can Actually Control

The best advice you can probably get from anybody is for you to actually face your fears and look for ways to actually solve them. Think and reason about the solution and not the problem itself.

The moment you start to think negatively and become insecure about your job then you are definitely wasting your time because Worrying definitely does not solve any of your problems instead of investing too much time on worrying and thinking of the problem and not a solution.

When you are even at the verge or start growing suspicion of losing your job then it’s best to take your mind off it and continue to be proactive and an attempt to convince yourself about finding a solution. It is important to prepare for losing your job and make plans after this would make you well to do even if it eventually happens in the long run.

In an attempt to bring this point to an end , it would be better to actually itemize some of the things you can actually control that can probably calm your nerves from overthinking. What are the situations you can control?.

Talking To Your Manager

It is normal and not intimidating to speak to your boss, have a polite and reasonable conversation with your manager.

There might have been speculation of dismissing you, but with this conversation they might eventually have a rethink and see how focused you are on retaining and proving your worth.

Updating your CV

CV writing evolves continuously so you must be awake enough to evolve along with it and not stay behind. Get proactive with boosting your resume skills and getting adequate and necessary skills you need to boost your Resume. 

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