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Strategies To Overcome Your Fear Of The Unknown

When you get to the verge of contemplating on changing your career or job, it becomes and appears to be the biggest decision you could ever make career wise. To make a decision on changing your career brings a lot of things and issues into consideration to see and determine how feasible it would be to actually put a lot of things into consideration before arriving at a conclusion towards changing your career. It opens your eyes to the fact of the whole lot of things that are at stake like your income, whatever social standing you belong to and the likes.

Then you probably just stop and try to imagine or wish there’s actually a way to test run your next potential job before actually taking it. In an attempt to conclude and accept changing careers there are some barriers that need to be taken out or would hold you down, barriers like the fear of the unknown which is actually quite rampant in recent times.

What does fear of the unknown possibly mean? It is simply the state of being negative minded and the thoughts of the possibility of failure and turning deaf ears to positivity. It can also be said to be the state of emphasizing negativity over positivity.

Narrowing it down to changing of job, your judgment can only come from information at your disposal, so the idea or mentality created about what it takes to start over might actually hold you down from attempting to proceed or progress at all.

Outside of all these negativities in the world now, the good thing is that there are several strategies and plans to help overcome most of these challenges, and it could make changing careers or jobs embraced with positivity and strong will like it really deserves. So, what are these strategies?

You have to acknowledge and understand your fears

It is quite normal and human to generally assume and believe that your thinking can actually influence the way you feel and actually behave. Most people actually succumb and give in to that feeling that or that thought that says you are probably not enough or good enough, or sometimes you have the pressure that other people can probably do a better job than you can actually. These thoughts would in turn come into reality by actually holding your confidence hostage and eventually you fail in the forthcoming task. Inferiority complex feeds off on your confidence and breeds procrastination and fear which would naturally fall back into an avoidant behavior eventually.

Try to work with the information you have

The problem is most people fail to actually question, challenge or re-calibrate the exaggerated negative thoughts that you have, instead you feed it on doubt and it consumes you entirely from within. Following the discovery of your fear like the first point, then it helps you come up with a plan to actually solve the issue and not dwell on it. The information you have gathered is not to just make you feel bad instead it is to help you improve and develop. 

Take Your Negative Thoughts To Court

There are quite a number of advantages that come from taking notes and being conscious of the unhelpful negative thoughts you have and challenging those thoughts that are not so good or not challenging at all.

This court here is your mind that questions and challenges the supposed assumption that someone else can do the job effortlessly, the court in your mind then asks to see evidence that can actually ascertain that someone else would actually do the job better than you did. You have to understand the fact that a thought is really nothing more than just thought so it can be challenged and definitely reversed or changed.

Ride The Wave Of Fear And Flow With It

The popular saying that what you don’t know is actually what can kill, the fact that you know your ears and understand them, then it gives you an edge to actually maneuver and manipulate yourself around these insecurities you have.

If you understand your fears, ride on it until the pressure actually reduces and vanishes eventually. How can you possibly ride on your fears? Doing some exercises, meditating frequently, and perhaps talking to other people can always help you ride on the wave of fear.

Make peace with failure

After all, well said and done, regardless you still fail after venturing into the new job or career, what would happen? The best thing to do is to definitely see the failures as a learning opportunity to actually get it right the next time it happens.

At this point you can give failure a new positive title, instead of failure, call it setbacks, which means you would definitely recover and exceed your expectations.  Regardless of how rough your career journey is, there’s definitely going to be some smoothness eventually.

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