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Steps To Changing Your Career Goals

I remember so well after finishing from the higher institution I decided to do a new year resolution and I included making certain amount of money before the year runs out, I remembered I wanted to be a prudent spender but eventually I remembered I did not even talk or think of how to build my career life and direct it in these paths.

A lot of us are guilty of making nice plans and goals but skip the career development path along the line. We probably forget round the year. The most consistent of all is that we constantly try to make a living every single day of the year and forget that working should really top the list of plans to be fulfilled in your yearly resolution.

So to make a plan towards your career goals there are certain factors needed to be monitored, certain constant changes in our work and personal life need to be confirmed, so it is necessary to re-examine your goals and set out new means to attain them. So there would be a few tips to help you outline your career goals.

Know Your Values

To set a career goal that would be favorable, it is best to actually recognize and acknowledge your core values, things that you tag important. In this sense it makes more sense to always align and connect your values to your goals to make it feasible and realistic to actually achieve.

When you put value to your goals you tend to attach a sense of importance and urgency to your goals. Your goals and your values would bring enjoyment and fulfillment all in one piece.

Dream Big

Like the popular saying the” sky’s the limit”, is pretty much outdated and should be rephrased as The sky is the starting point. So if you can’t get to the sky you definitely are not even close to picking up.

You should have an insight that would look more of a challenge than an easy task. You can’t attain great heights or great exploits if you don’t have the vision to launch the idea from.

You have to be ambitious and have a goal and an ultimatum. Ultimatum is necessary because like the saying, a town without a law there is no sin, so without an ultimatum or a deadline Would give room for procrastination.

Do A Feasibility Study

Trying to do a laid down plan for your career, it has earlier been said that you should start off at sky and don’t set the sky as the limit, regardless you should be cautious of becoming overzealous or setting an unrealistic goal.

Your feasibility study would show if the goal is actually attainable within the set period of time and not just a wish. Your plan or goal should be feasible in terms of execution and delivery.

Everything looks totally nice on paper but looks quite tough to execute. Estimate and study the chances of you totally commuting yourself to attain that goal on a long term level. 

Develop Your Risk Management

While creating and picking out your career goals be sure to think of why it won’t work so you can generate reasons why it should work. Ruminate on the many obstacles that can stand in the way of you getting your goals.

At some point flexibility should set in and you have to go with the whole changes. For instance your goal before inflation or deflation can’t possibly stay the same as after. Regardless of the whole flexibility, it still is not an excuse to fail or procrastinate from your goal.

Break It Down

Put your goals in bits and don’t make your goal look cumbersome, break them down so they don’t look overwhelming and huge. State what is important for each part first before going on execution. Make the steps orderly outlined in order of urgency and priority. 

Assess And Reward

After the execution and actualization of your goal plan, it is definitely advisable to reward yourself after a successful actualization of your goal. Rewarding yourself would look like a motivator to do more next time. Some tasks or goals can be difficult and harder to actualize. 

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