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Slip Ups To Avoid While Trying To Change Careers

When uncertainty of your current job probably creeps in and you start to worry about job security, changing careers or changing your work place would look so tempting and look like the best thing to do.

We most times make decisions in a hurry or under the heat of the ongoing pressure. Trying to make decisions needs you to be calm and relaxed at the same time before finally arriving at a conclusion. You need to carefully analyze and dissect the situation at hand before eventually deciding to actually change careers or leave the industry.

Eventually when the thought or pressure to change your job sets in it is best not to be hasty in making a decision but you should carefully understand and consider some particular slip ups you need to avoid before concluding on a career change. What are these slip ups or pitfalls to avoid and consider first?

Avoid Making A Very Rash Decision

A lot of us blindly go in to submit resignations depending on our emotions and moods forgetting a lot of things. Do not make rash and irrational decisions out of the heat or pressure at that moment, take your time to carefully analyze and examine the situation before you even think of resigning.

Try to think carefully about your new goals and how they align with your core values, draw out a plan and what would fuel the plan into action before eventually resigning if the need arises. Try as much as possible to avoid bumping into a career change without carefully running some self-assessment and have a sense and acknowledgment of what alternative career would actually be best for you when you leave.

Be sure to have already acknowledged your skills, interests and core values before eventually deciding if it is right to actually resign and move on to another career. If you are probably confused then it is best advised you see a career coach who can guide you in what decision you need to make.

If changing your career is what you really want, then you can speak to people already in that line to seek opinions and have a better knowledge of these careers before you eventually decide to switch or change careers. Going back to school at this stage is pointless when it is possible you can still witness this particular issue over again.

Never Try To Change Your Career Without A Proper And Adequate Research Or Proper Self-Reflection

To acquire a certain career or skill takes a whole lot of time, commitment and effort to establish, so definitely it is important and crucial to put in the same energy and commitment to make sure a career change is exactly what you need in a time like this. Luckily the internet comes with flexibility and easy research to make.

Try out or start off with the internet and try to speak to people already in this line and gather information from them. This information and insights you get from the people in this industry would actually help you make the right decision. 

Don’t Ever Consider Changing Your Career For The Money That Comes With It

We are all humans and it is quite normal to actually consider income or finances in almost everything we do. In spite of how important money is, avoid the cause to make a decision on who the highest bidder is. 

We all have different things we hold important and make valuable to us, for some people money isn’t often a barrier at all. It is possible to make a huge sum of money and still be very miserable and unhappy at work when your values are probably not met at all. Money is not everything that matters. Practically a new role is meant to match your interests, values and strengths’ so you can actually be happy irrespective of the income. 

Don’t Be Overly Influenced By Other People’s Opinion

As much as friends, families, colleagues or other people can be of great advantage to us, beware that they can also influence your decision to make the wrong one unintentionally.

To most people they won’t understand why you feel it is necessary to actually move on and change careers simply because they see the current as the perfect career for you at the moment.

Even when the opinions or advice of people is probably because they mean well for you, try not to be totally influenced by their opinions at all. Be sincere to yourself and carefully create the perfect meaning to a great career all by yourself.

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