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Signs You Should Rethink That Job Offer

When you probably get a new job offer it certainly comes with a very exciting feeling, relief and a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment at the same time. Sometimes a job offer could come with an opposite feeling especially when there are quite a lot of doubts and uncertainty about the job.

Sometimes we might be wrong and sometimes you might be right, it’s a pretty balanced scale of uncertainty of which sides of the scale would it fall on to. So, when you start having even the tiniest bits of doubts about a job offer, or perhaps things look quite complicated and confusing at the same time. Sometimes there would be a whole lot of pressure on you to accept the job offer even when you don’t want to initially.

Most people do not understand the fact that because you are offered a job does not mean you necessarily or compulsorily have to accept the job offer even if the market of the job offer does not strike a feeling of certainty at that moment precisely. The last pandemic outbreak has brought quite a lot of uncertainty for quite a lot of job seekers around the globe and while you may be concerned about your job options, it still remains quite necessary to consider if a position is actually the right fit for you at that moment before eventually concluding on what to do eventually.

So, this article would share when and how you should consider turning down a job offer. 

  1. Check if the work environment actually suits you before turning down or accepting the offer: the importance or value of your work environment can never be over emphasized as it determines how productive you would be, and it also is important when it involves how satisfied you are. The definition of an ideal work environment varies for different people. So, you have to create an understanding of your own work personality type and the work environment that you could probably thrive in or that makes you more productive. You have to be sure about the difference between your preference and the environment of the new position or role, most times it might not be in a total alignment with each other. 
  2. If you feel flattered by the offer you receive: it can look quite flattering to be offered a job, but it could possibly mean you have become directed or pointed towards the reality of the job. It is definitely human and natural to try to do the right thing and accept an offer but it is actually okay to recognize and acknowledge that while it is a compliment and that not every role will be the best fit for you currently. The fact that a job role looks or sounds flattering is not enough reason to decline it, until you probably analyze the job and discover that flattery is practically the only thing the job is actually offering, then perhaps it is best to let it go and probably put it up for reconsidering before taking any decision. 
  3. The workplace or the job description does not align or meet up with your set priorities: values are quite important and finding or getting a job that reflects your values is always integral in finding satisfaction in your job. Your values and possibly your priorities have the tendency to shift or evolve over years but they are always reflections of what you hold important. In some cases, you might attach value to workplace learning opportunities, a possibly short commute, flexible working conditions, the opportunity to move up in the business factor or financially majorly. To feel satisfied or fulfilled at work, there are quite some certain elements that can help in the process. If you can identify and pinpoint what these elements and values are, it becomes easier to find a workplace that reflects what you hold important. 
  4. When you are not getting the right feeling or vibe you expect from the hiring manager or the team: there is a high possibility that when you don’t have the right kind of work attitude or vibe from the hiring manager or team, it is most certain to an extent that the feeling might be there for quite a long while. So, it’s best to consider the vibe or attitude of the manager and your team before totally accepting the job, because you most certainly would be spending at least forty hours a week with these people and it would not be enjoyable when you don’t like who you work with. Most times it is always best advised that you run some research on the workplace, read online company reviews and check out some of the staff so it would help you out on what to do or how to handle the situation. 

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