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Signs To Know Your Work Life Needs To Be Reset

Technology has made our jobs easier. However, with the rise in remote work, it’s also made it more difficult to disconnect, sending our work-life balance out of the way. Here are some signs you’re in need of a work-life balance reset and it needs to come soon and precisely.

Care-Free Attitude To Your Health

There would be a point in time and certainly a sign that there has been an imbalance in your work and life scale balancing when your job starts interrupting your night sleep and when you start staying up too late. You no longer care about your health and you leave your body out of the equation of things to worry about.

You leave out the fact that you sit all day at work in one same posture and still disregard the need to exercise. An alarm to reset your work life comes up when you can’t even eat unless you buy food from a drive through window or a fast food restaurant. You start managing pains and health complications and feel less concerned about attempting to visit a health practitioner. You become nonchalant about a whole lot of things. 

You focus more on work and forget about yourself. This is the period where you forget about your health and well being and focus majorly on your job. Then at this point fatigue sets in, you look pale , unkept and have different skin reactions. Then you suddenly break down and end up in the clinic. So try to relax and feed well to get yourself together.

Mood Swings 

After you start becoming inattentive to your health, then you slowly slide into anxiety and depression. At some point it might go way beyond just mere depression and it starts to have our panic attacks, restlessness, unsettledness and the likes. It goes deeper and you start feeling suicidal and mood swings makes you start acting bi-polar in nature. 

Your attitude or state of reasoning becomes unstable and you begin to leave priority out of line. There are a lot of cases of staff who just wake up at night and cry all night following a rough day or rough week at work. Your mood swing dwindles and fluctuates  


Your mood doesn’t align with your job and it somehow suddenly doesn’t make any sense to you anymore. You feel detached from your teammates and your clients. You become the flowing with wave kind of person , that whatever the job brings today you grab it without questioning. You simply don’t care about your job. At this stage you don’t even align with work or yourself, you are just hanging on one mood or the other. This stage could be likened to the depression stage where nothing seems to excite or motivate you. This place then requires a well planned vacation to kick you away from this mood. 

Feeling Of Incompetence And Insecurities 

Feeling of not being enough, like you are not fulfilled, you suddenly begin to feel like something is missing and you don’t even know what it is, then it starts to breed depression and confusion. You begin to lack behind and your work or production and emission begins to lose its quality. Your job performance begins to mount tension and high pressures on you. You start to get frightened that your job might be taken away from you . 

You feel unfulfilled regardless of what you do, you don’t feel you’ve achieved anything, there’s a sense of insecurity about your job. Then you become prone to mistakes and errors that could be avoidable. If you don’t notice this as soon as possible, you later become a liability to the job and eventually get fired.

Everywhere Is A Workplace

Remote and mobile jobs which appear to be taking over this century, then coupled with the pandemic , working from home has closed the bridge that separates work hours and off hours. Your workplace suddenly stops motivating you to work probably because it doesn’t appear to be as comfortable as your couch does or as conducive as your study corner at home. You find yourself working way longer than the normal hours. 

Attempts to hibernate and refresh seems abortive when your clients or work keeps calling your phones or mails start popping up for you to respond to. You feel the need and necessity to always be available and you forget the one basic rule of life that you can never be available all the time 


There has been a new feeling of loneliness regardless of how many people are around you, you can still get lonely in the midst of a crowd. You are always connected to work and forget wherever you are, your life begins to evolve from family and work balancing and tilts fully to work. You lose the need or urge to have meaningful interactions with families or friends. 

Your relationship begins to take the fall for your job. You suddenly start to feel separated at heart but connected physically with people close to you. You detach yourself from your relationships and you become consumed with work. 

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