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Signs Of A Toxic Workplace And What To Do About It

You might probably be working in a very harsh, conducive environment that probably threatens and chokes your attempts to work. Sometimes you get so confused about what the new normal would be. Below would be a few signs to be sure you are working in a toxic environment and what you can do about it.

So what are the possible signs you might be working in a toxic environment?

* When you discover that you get bullied by your boss or someone in a higher position and there is nothing you can do about it. Most times we even go as far as writing and sending petitions to head offices or national offices about how your senior staff treat you and apparently nothing has been done about it.

* When the thin line between harassment is crossed and it looks like the new normal. You can be harassed and then everyone sees it as a very normal and casual thing to happen in a workplace. 

* You discover that staff conflicts are not probably dealt with accordingly. Instead of conflict resolutions, conflicts are dismissed and treated with levity hands. Instead of calling or handling of staff conflicts most times it gets dismissed or not even acknowledged at all

* Company policies sometimes might even be the major reason you work is toxic. For instance in a work organization where you are not even allowed to say a word or even go on breaks. Such an environment is very toxic and doesn’t care about their staff’s well being. In such an environment the company feels you take your job seriously first before any other thing. Even most times expect you to take your job more seriously than your family.

Little do you know that when you find yourself in an environment that has all of these , you really would not know when you start questioning yourself into finding out what the word normal really means. You start acting like someone who doesn’t even know his right from his wrong. 

So after knowing what signs to look out for that actually confirms you work in a toxic environment, what can you possibly do to leave this kind of environment? Your work environment should first of all be in accordance with respecting human rights and not just your position.  Your workplace should be somewhere conducive and safe for work to proceed.  Your work environment should not even be close to tampering with your mental health and physical health instead it is meant to make you better mentally, physically and the likes.  So what can you do?

* The professional thing that seems right to do is to talk to the Human resource personnel about what you are passing through at the workplace. Talking to your Human resource personnel would be integral if the issue is coming from the company’s policy. The only person that can help or attempt to push a change in that regard is the Human resource personnel.

* Furthermore on the above point, you would also suggest ideas or policies that could make your workplace conducive. This would be integral to causing a real change in your workplace.

* You could even try suggesting social or curricular activities in the workplace. It might even be best if the company looks into creating room for exposure to their staff . Make them see the comfort that comes with.

* If after speaking to your Human resource manager , nothing has been done about it then I would suggest it is time to move on and source for another job that certainly does not tamper or come close to your mental health. It is advisable you quit the job and move forward. This is important to help and restore your mental health and make you see normal for what it really is.

Most importantly and a very recommendable approach to probably trying to stabilize your mental health and avoid post traumatic stress disorder syndrome (ptsd) , it is advisable you seek the help of a therapist.

A therapist would be able to walk you through the process of gaining normalcy. You need someone to tell you , you are free from harassment and toxicity. The therapist would guide you through from toxic to normalcy level. 

After the therapy sessions the therapist would end sessions with advising you to do what makes you exactly happy, in an attempt to forget whatever horror you passed through in your former place of work. 

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