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Office Food Rules To Watch Out For

There is a sense of relaxation and refreshment when you open the office Fridge and there are a whole lot of excitement in it that gives your stomach a certain feeling of satisfaction even before you eat them.

Before then there are some certain rules you probably don’t know about or might have certainly overlooked along the line about office food rules. These rules are as important as company policies if you ask me though. So what are these rules?.

Coffee Mugs Are Sacred Work Artifacts

Coffee mugs, as minor as they look, are work artifacts and show how integral and valuable they are in a work scene or work environment.

Some inscriptions on these coffee mugs should be well and carefully noted to be sure it isn’t saying otherwise or bringing the wrong personality to the office environment. Ensure the inscriptions are words or statements that definitely build hunger and zeal to work. 

Do not bring your best friend inscribed mug to work, instead bring something with the company’s logo or something that could probably sound as a mantra for you to work while you sip out of the mug of coffee in front of you.

The sight of a coffee mug on your table with something zealous inscribed on it wouldn’t look irresponsible or unserious to your boss. Instead it is sending a positive message or positive notion to your boss instead.

Learn To Think About Your Colleagues

You probably head out to the kitchen probably to get something crispy or something to munch on, it is wrong to actually come back to the work space with something that can feed or satisfy only you.

Instead it is advisable you come back with something you and your colleagues that come around can always munch on together over a peaceful argument of a football match, a political situation or something nice to talk about.

Do not be self centered in the cause of feeding yourself, you walking back to your desk, the aroma or scent of what you are about to eat spreads round the room and leaves your colleagues sniffing around and definitely with the desire to have a taste of what it is. So it is ideal to calculate or better still add extras to your munchies or you would be forced to eventually sacrifice the one that probably would have satisfied only you to your colleagues and nobody goes back to work satisfied.

Some Things Can Not Be Shared

A lot of things found in the office fridge can be shared but not everything found in it can be shared. This is a rule that is applicable to all environments .

Stuffs like bread, milk, butter, sugar and tea extracts can all be shared and would be totally understandable and not even raise an issue if shared but the moment you cross the line and attempt to take out of an inscribed and home made food of your colleagues, you are already crossing the boundary of what should not be shared.

It is a different scenario if your colleague invites you or offers you to come and join him in his meal but then taking his meal without these is wrong. Foods and meals like this are not meant to be shared at all.

Most times this kind of meal was made by the spouses of your colleagues and definitely would be wrong for you to eat the food made by the wife of your colleague specially for him with love.

Birthday Cakes Don’t Stay Fresh For Eternity

I probably don’t know but I am guessing we all think preservatives in cakes are actually meant to make it stay for eternity or last forever which is definitely not true.

Birthday cakes get spoiled and get bad so it would be nice if after a couple of days someone takes it upon himself to toss away the remains of the cake before it constitutes a nuisance in the kitchen or the office Fridge.

Birthday cakes are to be enjoyed if possible in one day and not meant to be kept or preserved for days in the office fridge instead it just consumes more space and makes the fridge look messed up and definitely wouldn’t be leaving a great message for your boss once he/she finds the mashed cake in the fridge.

Clean Up After Every Meal

The office kitchen is not your personal kitchen so be sure to clean up every utensil or plates that you use. Don’t leave the sink messed up or disgusting.

Clean it all up after use and don’t think of waiting for someone else to come and clean up your mess. Your colleagues are not your maids or your family members , so don’t expect them to do this for you.

Because when they don’t you might likely get offended on something that is wrong on your part from the scratch 

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