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Keeping Your Emotions Out Of Your Work Life

Recently it has been discovered that we all have a hard time trying to differentiate between our life at home and our life at work.

Our work life becomes increasingly demanding of our time and our availability and leaves our home relationship or off work relationship grasping and craving for our time at the same time, this gets all of us so worked up and overwhelmed at the end of the day or the end of the week. 

Especially times when our deadlines draw nearer , your priority or to-do lists becomes longer and urgency begins to knock on some of the activities on the list. Then at this stage our mental health begins to crave more attention and begins to go wobbly in the process. Some of the emotions we feel might not be entirely healthy but they are as valid and consequential in long term results.

Some of the emotions we most likely experience that somehow get through work and personal life are feelings of anxiety, satisfaction, stress , frustration. These feelings are totally human-like but then there is always the need to be able to curb and control them and keep them from getting a grip of our day to day life. So this particular statement is just an explanation of the fact that the emotions are there, it is how you react or handle them that strikes a difference. So how do you control these emotions ?

Accepting You Are Human

Most times when our emotions kick in and probably turn out badly we all make it easier to blame ourselves and feel like we are the problem. We hit ourselves so hard and let people get away with making us feel bad about ourselves.

Most times we tend to stress our mental health and choke it, especially in times when we don’t feel exactly how we really want to feel. I would suggest you start to accept and think of yourself as being human and prone to all these feelings. Every human regardless of how big or great you are we are all prone to be stressed , frustrated , angry or even anxious.

Once you accept this then you ensure to take note of scenes or behaviors that prompt these emotions you detest then you start to do everything possible to avoid them and try not to make them permanent as much as possible. A discovery was made that following every emotion it takes more than 20 minutes for the human body to calm down and relax from the emotion.

So this gives you enough time to cool off and hold it in before deciding what to do next. Following up on a particular marriage seminar states that it is wrong to carry over a particular emotion for more than 24 hours , it damages and blackens your heart. So it is safe to say do not react until after  20 minutes but ensure to respond before 24 hours .

Understanding That You Are The Change

Furthermore you need to understand the fact that you are the change you need to curb and handle every emotion. As earlier said it is safe to avoid circumstances and actions that prompt the wrong emotions but it can not be totally avoided, so this is where the need to take actions or steps towards putting an end to problems that prompted your emotion.

It is easy to blame yourself and let the original toxic person go all in the name of being a saint. It is quite wrong because you have to let the original person be aware of their wrongs and their constant attitudes which are bad.

So regardless it is our duty to actually charge for the kind of change we want and not dwell upon them, but do not misquote , you have to wait till your emotions subside before you react or trying to take charge at change. 

Doing What Makes You Feel Better

I would also recommend you do activities that actually make you feel better. For some people watching football, eating out and even writing makes them feel better.

There are cases where therapists encourage their clients to write out their emotions just to make them feel better and it actually works for a lot of people. These activities or actions are what cools you down and takes your mind out of the emotion that’s hurting at the moment. 

So at the end , if you eventually take charge of your emotions it releases the best in you. Nobody can make you feel better about yourself neither should anybody make you feel less about yourself too

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