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Issues That Can Make Your Employer Disagree With Working Remotely 

Following the fact that it was easy to make your employer believe in the results of remote jobs but suddenly he starts to disagree , what do you think caused this?

1. Unproductive in your comfort zone

It has always been a slogan or maybe a Chant in Nigeria that If you don’t leave your comfort zone ? You are prone to make mistakes.  Your employer would surely start to believe that working from home looks very unrealistic and could be detrimental to the production in the company .

Humanly speaking it is never easy to get work done when you lie in your bed to work? Your boss starts to notice how unproductive and distant you are from the growth and progress of the company.

Agreeing to go into a remote job would now begin to look as a mistake to the management’s life. The main purpose for remote job approval is to be more productive that usual and unfortunately you become less productive and your employers then either bring you back to the office or ki for yan 

2. Prone to distractions 

Working from home makes you very prone to a lot of distractions like your phone , friends and families to avoid distractions. It has been discovered that employees get more distracted at home because of your family and you can’t be unavailable while you are with your family .

Series of distractions can come from anywhere even football is also a form of distraction here. When you work from home that’s when different messages and uninvited guests start to troop in. Your phone internet gets more messages and you can’t fight the temptation to reply texts and the likes.

This reason is one of the major reasons why it can be opposed by the employers of the company. Your employer would have the picture or idea that if your phones don’t disturb you through constant messages from your different social media, your friends could distract you from work and you delay or procrastinate work related mails.

3. Breaking of the Team work policy

The moment you decide to work from home or work remotely, you have already started breaching the human resource policy of teamwork, everyone’s resume is always largely stated  like the ability to work together.

Teamwork is an integral and fast way of doing everything. Research has shown that more than half of employers and managers emphasis majorly on teamwork as we all know it is much faster than any other thing. Team working is a great platform which I can safely say is capable of getting the hardest job done faster than just one person doing all the work.

As much as there are tons of technology that can connect you and your team together , physical engagement would definitely be faster and reliable than online meetings 

4. Face to face team meetings

In relation to the above point , most times employers prefer to hold team meetings physically to save time and to also relay their messages to everyone perfectly. If the employer approves of you to work from home, it could disintegrate the team and then ruin the whole points of conference meetings.

Most employers prefer face to face meetings especially the kinds of meetings that involve shareholders , key holders , governing or boarding councils and the likes because this is from the top and everyone is definitely busy with one thing . 

5. Easy monitoring

It is easier to access you when you stay in the office instead of going far away. You would be easily accessible to the office and to your employer. They don’t have to go through the journey of trying to reach you via your mail, phone.

They can reach you directly. You get easily accessible and get to respond to emergency issues faster and swift. You get more productive because you are in a productive and work environment. Your consciousness would be fixed on the fact that you are in a work environment.

So definitely your employer knows the work environment would make you more accessible and  more productive so there’s a high possibility that your employer would strongly disagree with you working remotely.

This way you can easily be watched and monitored by the employer so you don’t have to work remotely if your employer wants to monitor you closely

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