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Is It Appropriate To Stay In A Job When Your Colleagues Are Quitting?

A whole lot of us have seen our colleagues come and go at un usual or non-rational rate over the past couple of months, some of us definitely understand the strains it could probably cause in your workplace.

After a lot of your colleagues quit, it definitely leaves the role or tasks vacant. This vacancy or gap can bring about heavier, tougher workload, uncertainty and definitely restructuring would take place.

Regardless of the restructuring going on, it is normal for employees who decide to stay to become potentially open to some major, this article is trying to help you decide within yourself if staying in the job when your colleagues are leaving, appropriate.

Eventually at some point you would have to consider if you really should stay or move on, it is worth considering what sort of benefits comes with staying in your role and see if it is in your best interest if you stay and if it is not the only answer is for you to quit too and search for a much better job outside this organization.

In an attempt to help you come to a conclusion on how appropriate your decision to stay in this kind of job is, there would be some practical tips for achieving them below for you to use.

Consider Or Find Out Advantages For Staying When Others Leave

Excitement and joy definitely comes when you resume in a job probably better than the former, but then most times staying put in your current job might just be the best decision to make.

The decision or conclusion to actually search for a new job is not an easy task and should be taken crucially. It is advisable for you to actually look inward before deciding if the external would actually favor you.

In an attempt to look internally into your current job before going externally, you have to consider if you actually enjoy working for your current company, or you love the people you work with or your values align with that of the company.

In situations like this actually leaves a very perfect moment to negotiate with your boss on opportunities that best favors you. What are these opportunities you should exploit in times like this?

  • Negotiate for a new role or a new position: as earlier said, when your colleagues quit, it brings up a whole lot of space in the organization that needs filling up back. Vacancies like this expose you to a series of promotions especially for mid-level roles that look like hot spots that a lot of people actually want.
  • A better work-life balancing: following the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, there has been a division of jobs into two arms: the hybrid and flexible workplace. So, these divisions could come up during negotiations if you would actually prefer a much flexible working benefit.

Preparing To Ask For What You Want Or Negotiate On Your Needs To Your Employers

Regardless of the various and wide range of opportunities that come with this period, it is crucial you meet and negotiate with your employer or manager in a very professional, appropriate and realistic way. Be aware of the fact that definitely not all organizations would actually be in a position to exactly offer upfront what you need.

Putting up or showing the value and importance of your role at work, might be enough to discuss a short or long-term plan towards attaining your goals. It is also important to learn to take these steps early enough so it would be a plan in motion, don’t expect too much just too soon.

Professionally a lot of employers or managers detest being caught or taken unaware, so it is important to kick off conversations early enough with your manager and make known your desire to further your career at the show of the slightest opportunity.

It could also be important to meet with your manager and let him or her know of your availability to help out and fill some role or skills the organization probably lacks at the moment.  For situations when you are looking towards a career change, an internal move can often be facilitated faster than making a career change outside the organization.

So after considering or taking these tips, it would help you come up with a decision and a conclusion of whether to stay or move on from your current job.

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