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5 Ways To Impress Your Employers During Job Hunts

We all focus on looking good on paper and sounding like a smart and brilliant person during interviews but we also forget the need to amuse and impress the employers. An impressed employer is most likely going to call you back for the job. 

In recent times the labour market is evolving and new activities are beginning to fill the market.

Lots of new roles taking the lead like Human Resources, risk management and the likes and companies are actively searching for people to fill in those roles. So I would be giving you 5 tips that would help you in the attempt to impress your employers 

1. Emphasis on your skills and experience

Everyone makes the mistake of beating around the bush while writing our resume or curriculum vitae. It is important to note that you have to emphasize your skills, especially the ones that correlate with the needed skills or criteria for the job.

This part of the process is the decisive part to know if your application makes it through to the next stage or qualifies you for the interview call ups. 

It has recently been discovered that stating varieties of skills and experience are what qualifies a job candidate appealing to the employers in their applications.

In recent times different programs and applications that does the work of selecting and scanning through applications to single out and check for major keywords or skills in an application for example we have the applicant training system that scans applications for keywords or criteria listed in the job ad.

We also have bots that can screen out applications before it even makes it to the recruiters table for examination. 

It is highly recommended and advised you create a section for key skills and experience to make it easy for the recruiter while going through your application and this should be at the first page of your resume.

Ensure to indicate how you used these skills in your past experiences to give the recruiter insight on your resume.

It would be a waste of time if you  can write about your resume but speaking about it is a problem. Confidence is needed while speaking about your skills precisely.

2. Internal Recommendations

These days every organization is frightened of employing or attempting to employ a random stranger or someone they can’t even trace or link with anybody. 

Outside the fact that companies would request for referees or a guarantor that can stand and assure them and agree that you are one way or another linked with them, it would be advisable to source for at least one staff working in that particular company to also fill in as your referee.

This would establish trust and safety by the company that at least someone within the company stands in and fills out your referral to the company, this way you stand a chance to improve your employee.

3. Be intelligent while asking questions

First things first, it is important to know that during interviews you are allowed to ask questions about anything , never feel intimidated or too scared and follow the status quo that only the interviewer is allowed to ask questions.

In your quest to ask questions, be sure to make the questions intelligent and smart at the same time, don’t just ask just for the sake of impressing anyone , be sure to ask questions that would show signs of seriousness and responsibility.. 

Questions like who you would be working with, your leave periods and if you would get paid during leaves , company policies and the likes.

A lot of philosophers believe this to go halfway in impressing your employers. Be sure to find out about challenges you might face while carrying out your role, it is safe to inquire what happened with your predecessor to avoid falling into the same pit.

4. Make your research about the Company

As earlier said about how important it is to ask questions , it is wise and advisable to steer clear of internet questions and answers, and avoid basic questioning. I strongly advise you to put more energy into researching the company before the interviewing day.

Find out about the size of the company, their reputation and how significant they are in the labour market,  find out about their products and services , their benefits and probably their problems and come up with feasible solutions to all of these.

An employer would be excited and certainly enjoy the interview he/she has with someone who took out time to research about the company as the interaction would be very interactive and interesting to the interviewer .


During the course of your interview while your skills have been noted, it would be normal for the interviewer to ask you for your experience narration on how your skills had come through for you or how you used your outlined skills in your line of work just to be sure you really do have the skills you supposedly have. 

For instance if you outlined the ability to work under pressure, the interviewer would ask you how this particular skill came in handy for you in the past.

In an attempt to answer the question, be sure to set out a location or environment for the occurrence, be sure to highlight your role in the scene, be sure to talk about how your skill paid out and be sure to talk about the results of your actions.

This way your employer would be impressed and definitely interested in your application.

Standing out during interviews or during job hunts requires a lot of practice , research , and plannings and also be ready for anything, don’t limit your understanding or study, be expressive and creative. 

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