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How To Navigate Social Activities At Work

Your social life can be an integral and vital part of your work life Incase you probably don’t know, but what can probably go wrong or happen Incase you don’t feel like it?

Most times we all feel the need to oblige to social activities at work so we don’t get to be called names like anti social, anti fun or elderly and the likes.

We might look unfriendly and not a team player when you don’t oblige so many of us oblige not because we want to but just to avoid attention in a wrong way. Little do you know it is wrong, your social activities are different from your work life.

All it requires is striking a balance between your definition of fun and your work’s definition of fun, a balance in making your employer happy and yourself happy also. How do you get this balance?.

Reframe Your Thoughts

We are all different in nature and our interests are different. If any social activities do not go in line with your interest or values then it’s best you don’t even attempt it rather than attempt all in the name of avoiding the tag anti social. You need to know not everyone is comfortable with doing certain things.

Cut yourself some slacks and don’t force yourself to do stuffs you probably don’t feel like doing at all in the first place. Our social lives are certainly as different as our core values, what looks social enough to me might look anti social to you and vice versa so the common use of the word anti social is pretty much not a great label if you ask me.

Don’t Over Exaggerate The Small Stuffs

You attending or participating in social activities at work does not even give you the title of a team player, instead it gives you the social or  a fun person instead.

Your ability to work and triumph together with people at work earns you the title of a team player and not some crazy fun game or activities at work.

A team player dedicates and adds value to her team without being judgemental but becoming curious and interested in her team. This is when you become a team player and not you become the life of the party.

Be Sincere To Yourself

To either be fair on yourself it’s best to find social activities that best makes you comfortable and that actually picks up your interests.

A quiet place or quiet social activity could be your definition of fun like playing chess and the likes that require a very hugh and in-depth understanding of skills could be your definition of social.

It is advisable you talk to your human resource manager or your boss as regards what you want the company To include as an extracurricular activity, it gives them the opportunity to actually note what interests you and what social means to you.

Some Involvements Are Better Than Nothing At All

For personalities that probably don’t like to be in a crowded gathering or environment it is best to take your social life to a smaller group of people within the company.

You don’t have to force any gathering you personally don’t even like in the first place though. Your social life could be you greeting everyone, your colleagues and boss every morning with a bright smile or you hanging out with your colleagues at lunch and talking about a lot of stuff.

Frolicking might just not be what you want and it is totally understandable if you ask me about it.   All you need to do is create a connection and make public your presence and openness to your colleagues.

You Don’t Know Unless You Try

It is important and safe to know that most times you don’t have an interest in an activity you’ve never done before unless you actually have a cause to try it out. Trying them out might actually grow and captivate your interest in the activity itself.  

The moment we can actually visualize and capture an essence or a meaning to an activity, finding out the fun that comes with activity and learning to tolerate some discomforts in the activities you just might be very much interested in the activity.

This isn’t trying to compel you to do what they do, it is just a charge for you to be open minded when it comes to social entanglement at work.

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