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How To Identify Your Strengths At Work

To have a successful career it is important to discover and capitalize on your strengths so you can build on them. When you use your strengths, you are more likely to be engaged with your work than usual.

When you actually know your strengths it automatically makes you more productive than normal and you tend to enjoy your job alongside being productive at the same time. Your strengths actually makes your job easier and smoother to work with, instead it doesn’t give you an overwhelming feeling which a strenuous job that you certainly do not enjoy would give you.

After discovering your strengths it automatically enhances your productivity and your performance even your morale and attitude to work. A whole lot of us probably due to negative or bad environments we get blinded to see our strengths in our workplace because we already zeroed or ruled it out.

While a few others don’t even know how to figure out what their strengths could be at work. How do you figure out your strengths?

Dwell On The Tasks You Actually Executed Well And If They Boosted Your Morale

Naturally speaking as an employee , you certainly do not enjoy almost all the tasks given to you but at the completion of the task a feeling of accomplishment or fulfillment takes charge.

Taking a closer and deeper look into the task you actually succeeded to complete, you might certainly discover you actually had a bit of fun or enjoyment in the process of completing the task if you ask me actually. You can also find out that you enjoying the tasks could also have aided you completing the task in the long run actually.

Reflect on tasks you successfully and almost perfectly executed, check for tasks or activities you’ve always been very proud of doing at work, look within them and you can actually see your strengths in most of them and you would actually discover your strengths actually paved the way for all of these success you accomplished on the way. 

Ask Your Colleagues What They Find You Most Helpful With

After you evaluate yourself internally then it’s best you seek the opinion of other people to either confirm or open your eyes to other things you probably overlooked while trying to assess your strengths.

Get feedback from your colleagues or coworkers about what they consider to be your best role that actually makes you efficient and productive. Colleagues you work closely with can actually help point out your strengths and what they actually find you more helpful with.

Create a survey amongst your colleagues you work with on a regular basis on your top three strengths they know of. To critically analyze before arriving at a conclusion, you could ask them for real life experiences of these strengths they perceive to have a better view and insight into them. 

Take Into Consideration Compliments You Constantly Receive At Work

As earlier said, talking and seeking opinions from your colleagues is a great step to discovering your strengths but then it is also best you play back into the past and remember their comments or compliments before, during or after a collective task.

Try to reflect and dwell on past compliments given to you by your colleagues. Compliments like we can always count on you, you take your job seriously, compliments like this are what you take up seriously and definitely defines what your strengths should be.

Get Feedbacks From Your Manager

Definitely your colleagues might not be totally honest but your manager would not hide anything or sugar coat anything for you. The manager would definitely tell you your weekends that need more improvement and your strengths that need to.

You don’t necessarily have to wait for your annual performance review to ask about how well you are doing, you can always ask anytime. Make enquiries about your strengths and how you can put them to good use in your role at the office. It is also important to note that you don’t have to wait for meetings , ensure to take note of your little achievements.

Taking notes of your strengths and achievements is all about taking notes, pinpointing patterns and little achievements that actually show you where your strengths lie. Take note of what you achieve regularly, what comes to people’s mind when your name is mentioned. All of this is what shows the paths to your strengths.

Utilize Your Strengths Well

After discovering your strengths then it is best to actually put them to the best use. It is best to find out how they can be a leverage for you to do your best. It is best to improve your strengths and not just get so comfortable with them after discovery. 

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