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How To Enjoy Your Job Again 

Are there feelings of stress, frustration and definitely signs of under achievement in your workplace?.

Checking or numbering through you discover you’ve had more bad days than good at your work. It is normal to experience bad days once in a while but the moment you realize it is becoming a trend to have bad days rather than good at the Office then it is high time to put in some changes to your work patterns. How can you enjoy your job once again? How can you make it better as it used to be?

Itemize Things You’ve Always Loved To Do

It certainly seems to be pretty much expected advice to do but then it is very vital that why it is that obvious to guess. You have to list out everything you always loved to do at work, this can help you from clearing your doubts and and bring together your thoughts. This list would definitely help you remember why you were so happy to get this job in the first place.

This list could be said to rekindle your love fire for the job, it should remind you of what and how you enjoyed working in the current job. This list is called or regarded as a list of Pros and Cons. The pros list should be itemizing your achievements and your accomplishments over the years from the job and itemizing what gives you absolute joy at work. 

The list of cons would be to list out things that probably frustrates you constantly or things that definitely make you feel unhappy about the job.  Then this narrows down to helping you select the ones that are fixable and correctable.

Sometimes career advisors suggest and believe seeing your written down problem has always been a kick off to solving the problem.

Rebrand Your Work Lifestyle

Certainly a lot of us believe leaving the job when you stop enjoying it is the best thing to do, which I agree to but then not in all cases, you can’t go down without a fight remember . You have to try to rebrand and redesign your work life. Leaving your job might not be the best thing to do to find fulfillment. 

Sometimes you have to source for positive situations to ignite your love for the job.  All you need to do is rebrand your work lifestyle to the one that best suits you and makes you more productive at the same time.

For instance your favorite part of your job might be using the computer typing or using excel or one office application, so you could probably in that way take up the act of teaching new staffs that are not efficient in these applications.

This way you would be making yourself and your job more exciting and fun for you in your own way. It is best to tailor your passion into your job than going on the search to a job that aligns with your passion. 

Talk To Your Human Resource Manager Or Your Boss

In a lot of cases it might be unprofessional to pick up extra tasks while at work without approval. So this is where the importance of talking to someone who can make the call comes in and the two best bets would be the human resource manager or the boss himself.

Consulting either one of them would be to try to suggest some extra tasks that would probably bring love back for the job, either to add more jobs to your role or job description or taking off some workload on you to some junior staff.

Either would be done to ensure you don’t get worked up at work. Never get intimidated to talk to your manager. Their major role is to be a link between you, the staff and the employers. Eventually little changes might surface and allow you to become well engaged for a long period of time.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

What most of us don’t know is that mentality, mindset and mood can be contagious. If you move with negative sad folks it is normal and automatic for you to get a piece of their sad tales and negativity.

If this can be noted and discovered on time then it is best advised you avoid people like this at work and move towards passionate and positive people try to rub off the positivity on them to affect your mentality and mindset 

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