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How To Convince Your Boss About The Benefits Of Working From Home

Definitely it is going to look very absurd or weird to walk up to your boss and ask him for this kind of privileges but nevertheless doesn’t mean it is impossible. What do you need to do to convince him? Follow the clues.

1. Understanding your role

Definitely before thinking and concluding of telling your boss something like this you definitely have to fully understand and understudy if your role can actually be remotely done without slowing down or crashing productions. It is safe and wise to be aware that some roles can not be remotely done.

For instance a receptionist’s role can never be done remotely, so definitely it would be appalling to your boss if you work up to him as a receptionist because it doesn’t look realistic at all. You have to consider if the efficiency and strength of your role actually belongs to the office .

So after much researching about it, you will discover how realistic and feasible it is then you would decide if you want to ask or not

2. Bullet mark the benefits 

Be sure to explain and emphasize the benefits that come with you working remotely. Be clear and precise with your points, don’t pick any other option, just be direct with your points.

The benefits in this case would be your major super power because this would practically become your selling point as it holds your strength. Be sure to do enough research on how beneficial working from home would be to improve your productivity or strengthen the company at a whole.

It is normal for your employer to ask how through what is in it for the company?  Then your reports on how advantageous this move looks would give a head way and a more prospective angle to your employer on your working remotely.

3. Arrange your daily routines 

After the successful interfering of the benefits into the plan to convince your boss about come to the kitchen tho , the next smart thing to do is have a table every morning for you to have a direction and be sure of what you do ask for.

Arrange your daily routine, especially drafting the time table for the remote operation so your employer can have an insight on how you intend to work so he can be really sure you are not being lazy or nonChalant about work.

So this list would show your boss how many times in a week you would go to the office and how long you intend to spend each day, it should also show how many hours you intend to work while working remotely at the comfort of your home. This stage your employer would

Be happy and pray for you . 

4. Be contactable 

Ensure and be conscious of the fact that you have to either be online on the internet or your mobile phones are well connected and close enough to you. You have to be sure to reply to every mail from work and clients at the same time or go through your organization’s messaging system at the same time. You have to make sure you are contactable to your employer at all times, especially during the agreed period of time you have agreed on with the employer.

The moment you are not reachable to the company, thoughts of laziness  would step in and your employers start to believe you never really wanted to be remote instead you wanted your way out to do other things. 

5. Review and  Trial

Your boss at any time might decide to actually check to see if you really do your work well as much as you should then your boss would be proud and rest assured with you for life.

The review and trial is for your boss to actually understand that working from home can also be productive and achievable . The reviews from these trials would then encourage the approval of a request letter from the employer following the success of the trial periods since it’s a new agenda then the review and trial is definitely the best for both parties to discover and figure out if it’s beneficial and feasible to them both.

After doing all of these to a certain percent the possibility or probability of your boss disproving this is quite minimal to a large extent 

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