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How To Avoid Distractions At Work

In a very busy workplace attaining a hundred percent focus on your job role could be pretty much difficult to achieve. Your work life balance becomes clumsy when you get calls and  mails from outside work persons like friends and families, or better still you get the lure of quick texts and the likes.

A Small amount of distractions can probably be understandable and probably cause little or no damage at all but when it becomes frequent and occasional, then it can reduce and foster productivity and efficiency at work.

If after taking some certain self evaluation steps and you discover that you are starting to decline in productivity and quality delivery , you take a look back to see what is actually distracting you, it could be your colleagues, emails popping or phone calls. How can you avoid or reduce these distractions ? Find out below.

Work Alongside Productive People

To be something you have to walk beside or stay close to it. Focus is quite contagious and you automatically and subconsciously pick this trait when you align with someone of this trait.

Surround yourself with the most productive people of the organization so their focus and productivity can rub off on you. While growing up trying to excel academically the teacher would put a striving or struggling besides an excellent student just so the excellence could rub off on the struggling student.

This would work because when you stay close to a focused person you can’t get distracted with unnecessary things.

Break Tasks Into Chunks

When you have a large task ahead it discourages you even before you set out to work on the task. It is advisable to break your tasks into smaller bits that way it looks easier and feasible to work on.

Splitting up of tasks makes it easier to do in a much lesser time than required if it was merged together and this way you get to proof run it before the final execution and submission of the task.

Smaller tasks are easier and much simpler to handle than the huge chunk of it, and working on smaller tasks you are much more likely to be focused and work efficiently on smaller bits than when it was cumbersome.

Set Boundaries To Interrupting Colleagues

There is time to work and time to play, the moment you don’t draft out the difference between both, you start to work when you are meant to relax.

Let your colleagues know about how focused and serious you want to be during work hours. You can always inform people ( colleagues) when you are about to start a very serious and long task politely without having to be rude or insolent.

You just need to explain to them about the difference in times and moments, when you are finally done with the task you can now move closer to them and laugh about everything and anything. It is also important to note that for these to be effective respect is reciprocal , you also have to respect their own set boundaries too.

Block Online Distractions

One of the best causes of distractions comes from the internet as far as the generation or century is concerned. It is quite hard to resist the internet and when it becomes inevitable then there are other ways of efficiently side lining the internet till when you are free of work.

You can speak with your manager for approval to install an internet blocker which would block all attempts to check the internet except for sites that are work related or work efficiently sites but any one more than this would not be allowed.

Or probably installing distraction free applications to stop the use of certain applications for a specific period of time.

Make time for break

As weird as this Sounds it is actually very important to us and when you don’t take adequate rest you get distracted and probably sleep off while at work.

Include social activities in your priority list to aid you productivity and relax your nerves, brain and bones also. Resting does not mean you are lazy, it is just you refreshing and energizing yourself.

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