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Flagging Down 4 Weird Notions About Volunteering

One major thing you need to know is that volunteering is like a boat and a paddle. You can’t efficiently volunteer without a drive for passion towards the cause you volunteer for. 

The passion establishes the thought to volunteer and before volunteering is the consideration of the action that should proceed after the thought.

For a very long while there have been some notions more like myths that humans have always had about the term and action of volunteering Towards a cause or a goal. What are these notions ?

1. The notion that one person isn’t a force for difference

As humans we always think too small of the power one person possesses. The total misconception and wrong mentality of capitalizing and enlarging one major problem and considering it too big for one person to cause a change.

I wouldn’t blame it on anyone but blame it on the mechanism of the human mind to underage and underestimate his mental force towards changing a certain cause. Positivity is needed to motivate and open the clearer picture of how one person is powerful and enough to push positive progress in the organization he or she volunteers to be in. Never be scared or allow the notions that you are not enough to cause real change in the organization you volunteer to be.

You don’t have to cause a big change, even small , baby steps change matters a lot. Anybody is capable of causing a positive change regardless of who or where they are from.

2. The fear of commitment

the fact that everyone thinks when you volunteer you automatically become a slave to the cause is actually the real enslavery in this case because you become scared of what you practically don’t even know about already traps you in a mental state you probably don’t even know about. This breeds ignorance and ignorance they say is a killer.

The fact that you volunteered does not mean every aspect of your life has to evolve around this. It does not mean your normal schedule can’t still hold.

Being a volunteer does not mean you can’t hang out with friends and families, it does not mean you can’t go to gyms, it does not mean you can’t have a nice time or go for vacation. Volunteering is just a commitment and it isn’t a chain or restraint on your normal lifestyle.

You have to understand and realize that not all programs require you to commit yourself fully to it, some programs can be short timed and designed to suit your availability on your own terms.

3. Fear of not being enough

most times we think we are probably not skillful enough to be in the program or you think you don’t have the necessary skill required to occupy that role.

This is pretty much a sign of the imposter syndrome affecting your decision to volunteer to help others. Volunteering as we all know is the linking of our passion and our skills as humans there are more evident and noticeable. 

Just because you are not good at something doesn’t mean you stop, or lose the urge to continue with it.  You don’t have to be perfect with some skills to be allowed into the program . Most times your basic knowledge on a lot of skills would do just fine.

4. Be Active

in accordance with the point about believing in yourself to actually be capable of real change , after your passion has become your thought and your thoughts can only be brought to life once action and energy plays out.

Your passion And thought remain dormant until it is finally utilized with actions and movements. If you decide to be Lukewarm in this process you jeopardize your chance and opportunities of actually being of help to people.

You have to be active and actually do exactly what you are required of without a second thought. You have to be agile and active. Most of us getting to the program tend to just keep quiet and let or believe the former leaders or current leaders know it all, so we don’t even question anymore. 

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