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Finding Happiness At Work 

When we talk about what gives you joy at work or what makes you feel happy at work, a lot of us would relate it to food, few benefits and the likes.

But let’s try to look into the bigger picture of what actually generates joy at work. How do you gain happiness at work?

What can you possibly do to know when you have happiness at work? This is where the step to self evaluation comes in, you check in from time to time what makes you happy in your work space or your work environment?

Find Your Passion

This might look over rated or commonly used and certainly expected. We all know the literal meaning of this but what do we really mean when we actually suggest you find your passion or something that makes you happy?

Finding your passion in this context your passion or happiness could form different things. From things you love working on, tasks you like doing ,topics that make you feel smart and the likes.

Regardless of what it is, it is advisable and definitely right to align and merge in your passion with your work to make you have a sense of fulfill ness on and off work.

In some cases there are tasks or roles you actually would love to be included in your tasks to make it more love-able and perfect when it gets aligned and connected to your job, then it’s best you aim towards incorporating them into your job.

Work Life Balancing

It is always perfect and amazing to actually have a job you are in love with but then the moment the job comes in the way of your family and friends time then there is high tendency the job would not make you entirely happy as it affects your personal life, then the job is probably not feasible to be long term.

It is advised and better you think of WPS expectation is actually affecting your work life balancing in this case . It could either be your boss’s expectation  on probably a monthly result or annual expectation that’s actually making you work too much and forget family and friends or it could be your own personal expectation probably on your attempt to get promotion or a salary raise the you try to please your employer in the line and it becomes overwhelming and too tasking to keep up with.

To go back on track in keeping and maintaining you work and life balance it is best you go out of the work environment and find something that gives you the desired amount of peace and happiness.

Be Okay With Changing Goals

Sometimes we all get stagnant on trying to attain or acquire something in our work environment and we let this thing hold us down and slow you down in the line.

I am not suggesting you quit or give up but then it is advisable you put it aside for a while and try to focus on other tasks that definitely gives you joy regardless. Take your mind off it and focus on something entirely different and keep your mind busy.

Talk To Someone

When you discover your job isn’t entirely giving you the kind of happiness you desire , then it’s time to speak to someone who can possibly speak to you and encourage or motivate you.

This can simply be called a support network and this does not necessarily have to be a formal person to fill in this space. For instance your friends and family definitely would have witnessed your off work personality and definitely know you for who you are,  their opinion or perspective can be valuable And should be taken into consideration.

It might still not be fulfilling when what you need is someone who can relate to the problems you face  in the line of work, then it is necessary you speak to your colleague or someone in that particular line of work who can actually relate and understand you well enough.

Find Yourself A Mentor

To gain happiness, have yourself a mentor that can put you through the journey of gaining work happiness. Your mentor would be able to guide you efficiently to sourcing for happiness and comfort in your present job.

Your mentor would definitely have passed through all of these once before so he/ she would be in the best position to provide and proffer a solution or explain how they were able to overcome their own problem of worrying too much and finding happiness in their time filling up the role you are currently in and how they eventually got answers. Their opinions would be perfect in all of these and definitely be integral 

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