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Benefits And Disadvantages Of Working From Home 

Following the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, the term working from home became more prominent in contemporary times.

For top notch organizations and industries, the nature of work is gradually changing and drifting to staff working from home but depending on your role at the office. Working from home isn’t for every role but is always restrictive to certain roles.

If fortunately you are in an organization that allows you to work from home , here are some benefits you need to know about to make the most of this luxury.

It Balances Your Work-life

The most of your time while going to work is spent on mobilization to and fro. The balancing of your work life is usually threatened when you are always on the move and this uneven the balance of work from your personal life.

The moment you start working from home there are more possibilities of you balancing your work life imbalance. When you are home it can also be seen as killing two birds with one stone while working and spending time with friends and family at the same time, so it directly or indirectly balances your work life .

While balancing your work life, it also saves you a lot of the cost of transporting yourself to and from work, and other little expenses that come with working at the office directly. Working from home is also working comfortably, more like working while relaxing, even your initiative starts to pop.

Enhanced Productivity

Working from home gives you an environment that is free from distractions , or working with a team that might possibly hold you down and limit your progress, this is some major difference between working remotely and working in a busy work space. You become more productive when there is really no rule that applies to you while working from home, you are your own boss and you dictate the rules and you abide by them on your own terms.

Making the rules would give you the luxury of making your work space in your house as comfortable and efficient. For instance in your workspace at home you could have soft music playing in the background, you can work and eat at the same time and the like. Your breaks or in between offs would be on your own terms.

Maximized Job Satisfaction

When you are comfortable and relaxed you tend to be satisfied with every job you have. The benefits of remotely working is almost even a solution to the imposter syndrome because at this stage nobody would even be around to intimidate or even confuse your satisfaction.

Nobody would bring you down or criticize you while trying to give your best. When your job arrangements or timings are very flexible it is automatic for you to feel relaxed and satisfied with your job, apart from you personally getting satisfied your friend and family would appreciate it more.

In conclusion of your job satisfaction, you are more likely to stick to the job and enjoy doing it for a long while and not consider it to change jobs. Job satisfaction would even create a favorable avenue for you to venture into other things that would aid productivity to you and even the organization you work for at large 

Following how enticing the benefits of working from home looks, it still has its own disadvantages. It isn’t totally perfect as it looks. Like the popular saying that nothing comes with an advantage without a disadvantage . There are also some demerits of working from home policy. What are these disadvantages?


Eventually when you get too comfortable, and relaxed you tend to start pushing and delaying your work. Instead of doing and completing your task but you choose to just lazy around and start doing unnecessary jobs

Zero Trust

Along the line your employer would start to distrust you and feel you are probably too comfortable for a certain task. It might get so bad that they won’t even refer you or suggest you for better offers because they have the notion that you probably won’t deliver. 

Outdated On Information

At a point you might get cut off the information circulation of the company majorly because you are probably not around. Information might be released frequently and might be outdated before it even gets to your notice.

So you don’t get recent information and sometimes it might be on deadline before you get information.

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