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Becoming Influential As An Introvert And An Extrovert 

Starting off a path to becoming influential is not limited or restricted to either an introvert or extrovert. Both personalities can become influential and important in their workplace regardless. To start with, let’s have a look into each personality to have an understanding of which one you fall under.

1. Introvert

They are usually very reserved people , more of a listener than a speaker. Introverts are keen and close observers , and they carefully select their words before uttering them. They are known to possess and utilize their brains to come up with ideas and be very innovative.

They hardly speak but once they do they always sound very intellectual . The biggest challenge an introvert can face while trying to be influential is that they always have a hard time communicating. So the major thing that needs improvement for them to become influential is to boost their confidence and sharpen their thoughts, boost their ability to communicate efficiently.

2. Extrovert

This type of personality is outspoken and can always communicate their thoughts effortlessly and efficiently. Extroverts are more likely to become influential than introverts because they possess efficient communication skills required to be influential.

So it is safe to say the two personalities are just contrasted and probably a vice versa of each other. The major thing that probably needs working on for an extrovert is the ability to scrutinize and analyze their thoughts before actually speaking.

In order words they need to listen more than they speak or reply. To be effectively influential they have to be great listeners and also be an excellent presenter at the same time.

How To Build Influence At Work

It is important to start with understanding and discovering your strengths and your behaviors at the same time to understand how to efficiently utilize or use them to improve this to your own advantage.

Discovering your behavior and strength is efficient and can enhance your emotional intelligence at the same time . For better understanding I would carefully analyze what needs to be done to be influential for the two different personalities.

How To Be Influential As An Introvert

The popular saying that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy, ensure you are not too work related, take some time off to let some steam off and boost your social life.

Engage yourself in extra curricular activities instead of getting too focused with work. Make time for activities at work that bring or connect you to other people and be sure to move close to people and have a proper conversation with them, that way you would be able to influence them.

Express Yourself

It has already been established that introverts are great listeners and bad speakers. So it would be great to actually try as much as possible to say what you think and not be scared or intimidated to be called a nerd. Express yourself and let your thoughts be known to other people.

How To Be Influential As An Extrovert 

Carefully watch and observe body languages of your colleagues and you. Be sure of your colleagues’ countenance and be able to read their reactions without asking. For instance a lot of extroverts are prone to touch their colleagues by reflex or involuntary actions of extroverts.

Be sure to watch your colleagues’ reactions as some people do not like or appreciate being touched by anybody anyhow.

So if you notice all of this in your colleague then try your possible best to stop and refrain from doing this. Discipline yourself critically to watch your reflexes and body languages during conversations.

Building Your Reflective Understanding

During a conversation try as much as possible to listen attentively and be active in listening before eventually speaking. You have to try to understand what your colleagues are saying and tell them in return your understanding of the conversation so they can be sure you actually understand the conversation perfectly and if not they can re-explain to adjust your understanding of the conversation.

After applying all of these and it is probably not enough then it would be best to seek the help of a professional that can address your personality and also help you boost your path to becoming influential at work regardless of your personality 

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