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Becoming An Effective Communicator 

Most times we all wonder and admire some certain people that can be the life of the party, be a people person, make new friends without stressing it and the likes this is because of their great communication skills.

Talking of communication skills it is actually in two ways, imparting or relaying your message in a way that gets you what you want or listening to what the other person is really saying.

How do you sharpen your communication skills and not be boring to people? Here are some tips below:

Be Concise

You have to be precise and accurate while giving information or communicating regardless of if it’s a mail or physical conversation. Keep your request or your message concise and direct as possible, do not beat about the bush.

Try to steer clear of informations that do not tally with the original or actual conversation. Once you start to divert or lose your precision in communication you would either confuse the listener or even bore them to death at the spot.

As precise and succinct as your conversation is, this does not entirely mean you have to be too blunt and straightforward to try to be succinct in a very friendly and interesting way. An attempt at precision is to think within if your next statement is actually needed in the conversation at the moment before you actually let it out.

Be Specific

Most times we always believe someone would be smart enough to actually decode and understand what you are trying to say and we remove the specific information we are actually trying to pass across subconsciously most of the time.

While communicating, be sure to be specific about putting in all the information the listener actually needs to be specific about them. You have to be specific so you can actually send the right message that certainly wouldn’t give another meaning except the intended one to the reader along the line.

This is very important while communicating with other people, try not to send the wrong message.

Listen Actively Not Passively

As earlier said about an effective communicator, conversation goes in two ways , it is two directional in nature. Active listening is simply you listening to the other person attentively without losing concentration at any point.

It also means giving obvious signs that you are actually understanding and listening to what the speaker is saying either by nodding or making certain sounds of affirmation or agreements to the person.

It is even advisable to paraphrase back to them what they just said for clarity and consolidation purposes. Importantly ensure to ask questions to clarify and understand things you probably did not get during the conversation and so you don’t get lost along the line.

Be Clear About Two Things In Your Mind Before Starting A Conversation

An attempt to start or begin a conversation be sure of certain things like be convinced and certain about what you are want to say and be sure to express or deliver the message in the right and appropriate manner. 

Both of them simply implies you to be sure of what you intend to say and don’t just start a conversation that doesn’t have a leg or head it’s just a clumsy road to the unknown and also be sure to send in the right tone and manner while texting or having an actual conversation with someone else, and try not to make the other person feel too awkward during the course of the conversation or communication.

Observe Others Who Are Good At Communicating And Emulate Them

When you discover or realize you are actually bad at communicating with people then it’s suggested you actually watch people who can do what you can actually learn in that manner. You could see programs like the TEDtalks and the likes that actually builds communication skills.

While viewing them be sure to find out or pick an interest in the way they speak and don’t just watch a tv show. Whilst you speak to someone or converse with the person and the person seems distant or not following it is right to find out why? It’s either you are divulging too much information than necessary or you are just repeating yourself.

Making your communication efficient is usually the difference you need to lift yourself up from the ground and step up to your career to a leadership role. Use your communicating skills as an opportunity to sharpen your skills and give yourself an edge over others

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