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Tips For Balancing Work And Home (7 Best Tips)

Most times we all get so confused on where to work and when to work then this piles up and then we reflect on the fact that you don’t have a home or a work space. Your work seems to be consuming your home and you don’t even know about it. 

So I would be helping out with what you can do to strike a balance between your life at the office and your life at home so you can enjoy both in their own capacities. These are 7 tips you can try to balance your work and home life.

1. Set Boundaries Between Work And Home

The moment you have to be mobile going and coming from work, you have immediately created a physical distance between your home and your work. Working from home is a different scene and environment. It is very normal and requires that once in a while you get to work from the comforts of your home, maybe your bed , your dining room or even your couch, these are pretty much some of the benefits of having a remote or mobile job. Regardless the moment you cross the thin line 

Between turning your living room to your permanent office you automatically just caused yourself a lot of stress and clumsiness. After all, when the weekend comes in , the need to tune in for a football match, you level and relate your comfy space to your work space.

My advice would be for you to leave out assign a designated office space that separates or dissociates your comfortable space from your office or work space. It does not compulsorily have to be you dedicating an entire room for work, it could be as small as having a table or desk dedicated to work. It could even be as close as 10 or more feet away from your bed  

2. Disconnect From Work Mode

Try as much as possible to stay away from your phone. Your mobile phone could be a life saver and also a distraction.

You don’t have to be available round the clock. Frequently checking and replying to mails and texts would increase your stress level and harden your connection with families and also cause insomnia.

If Attempting to avoid every message or mail that comes in looks difficult, try as much as possible to switch the phone off or mute it or better still stay as far away from your phone as possible.

3. Efficiency At Work

Try as much as possible to pay attention and focus on one task at a time and play more emphasis on it till it is done.

Attempting to work on two different tasks at once would just stress you and wear you out faster. In order to be efficient be sure of any form of distraction and keep them in check for example your phones and mails.

Placing you focus on one activity at a time would enhance your efficiency at work and give you the luxury to go home and be with your family and still remain as refreshed as ever. Like the saying when you are in Rome behave like the Romans, when you are in the office focus on it, don’t bring your home to the office and vice versa.

4. Prioritize Self Care 

Ensure you plan a certain time to exercise and burn some calories or fats. Have an organized and recommended plan for nutrition and healthy meals. Be sure to have balanced diet meals and eat a whole lot of fruits.

Eating fruits can never be too much. Create time for hangouts with friends and families. Times for relaxation and hang outs should not be competing with other agenda in your yearly schedule. As popular marketing brands say “ Self care is never a luxury but a necessity “.

5. Go On Vacations 

Every human resource policy provides a bank of vacation and off days for every staff member , it is now left for the staff to either utilize it or let it all go to waste. In an attempt to figure out which decision pays off, it is advisable to utilize the bank of vacation days that you have because of your mental health and your health as a whole.

Take a day or two to relax and rest , see a movie, go for dinners, lunch and treat yourself out. We all need to take breaks every once in a while, so the body won’t break down and you will be forced to take a pause when you get down with fatigue. This is where the popular saying that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

6. Set Work Boundaries

These days everyone thinks it’s either unprofessional or irresponsible to address or thrash out issues with your boss on setting boundaries about your work and the work hours.

It is important to emphasis and pinpoint to the company about your personal needs especially on issues of how your weekend is when you get to rest and dedicate it all to your family and yourself most importantly so you won’t be able to do anything office or work related, this does not make you irresponsible or intimidated at all.

Take your time to put together an outline of things that would make your job easier and stress free. 

7. Alternative Job Route

Any job at any point that you get to and discover every attempt to achieve a work and life balancing probes is abortive then maybe the job is really toxic and definitely not good for you at all. 

Situations like when a company police doesn’t align with your values, I advise it is best you leave and search for a job that aligns with your values. There’s a popular saying that nobody is indispensable, if you die in the job another person would readily replace you with no stress. Your health and mental health is important.

Professional Insight

If you get so tensed up and probably get confused on what to do and your mental health starts to deteriorate then it is best advised you speak to a therapist.

Human resource policies of companies recommend employee assistance programs that can provide you with a mental health professional who can help you gain control and stabilize your mental health.

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