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Advantages Of Job Seekers Before You Are Ready To Leave

The attempt to look for a new job or search for a new career development is always very hard and very tedious to search for. Regarding the search for a job, planning and preparation appears to be the major criteria needed.

A lot of questions pop up while taking into consideration what to do or how to embark on the journey to seek for a new job. Questions like how important or how necessary it is for you to leave your current work environment in the search for another.

Different questions arise. In my opinion it is better to stay in your current job before searching for a new job. Why do I think this is the best?

Be Sure Of What Is Out There

You have to be sure of the kind of opportunities or offers that await you in the labour market. It has always been a popular saying that knowledge brings power.

What you know gives you an edge over the situation. Be sure to find out the nature of the flexibility of the employment or job market before you leave.

For instance your current job might be rare or hard to get an offer without certain skills which have already evolved and you probably don’t have, the information and knowledge you have about this particular issue would enhance your knowledge of what needs to be done to actually become wanted in the employment environment before you bump into it.

So working at your current job gives you the luxury to actually pick up skills acquisition courses to enhance and boost your value in the labour market.

Know Your Value

According to the former point, the market evolves and changes regularly so does the value for your skill or your role also increase.

You have to be aware of how much your qualifications are worth so you can know how to negotiate payment for your job requirements. Make enquiries and conduct research to know how much is meant to be paid for your current job and your future or prospective job role. 

Make research on the kind of questions or requirements to be met for your job role. On your way for the interview you would be fully prepared on how to negotiate and aim for a role that accurately meets your salary expectations and your level of experience at the same time.


The great turn the world has taken in recent times has given us all the opportunity to actually learn and interact with different people at the comfort of our office environment.

It has been given the luxury of even searching for job vacancies right from your mobile phone. We have linking and exposure websites and applications you could sign up and set your profile on like LinkedIn which enables you to get information on new openings and job vacancies.

We also have sites like jobberman who even gives free online certification courses and also gives updates on job vacancies and their requirements to fill into the positions. Most times on applications or websites like this all you need to do is upload your resume or your skills recently or formerly acquired for people to see and refer or most likely your employer can see them and contact them via the platform you use.

This is one of the many advantages of the internet in enhancing your career development.


It is not usually advisable to leave your job before the assurance or beginning of another job.

The reason is because your current job would sustain you and still foot a few bills before you eventually leave at the assurance or resumption to a new job. If you leave your current job without certainty of a new one, then unfortunately you don’t get the new job.

You end up losing both way and going through the process of job hunting as an unemployed person. So for the time being you need something or a job to sustain you and if per adventure the new job doesn’t work out you’d have the luxury to keep working till you get a new career development.

So to be precise don’t quit your job until a new one is assured 100% without an sign of doubt 

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