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A Five-Minute Warm Up To Enhance Your Performance At Work

It’s now a new normal for artistes especially performing artists and even athletes to do some warm ups or probably preparatory rituals just before the main event or main action comes up.

So you probably want to find out what the whole warm up ritual probably means or something, of which the warm up actually does help them perform better as it strengthens and enhances their psychology to try to win. So, if perhaps, running some warm ups before the main event helps them perform better, why not adopt this style so we can probably perform or function much better than before.

So, it would definitely not be wrong to actually try to imbibe this act with our professional life, probably try out something that can possibly boost and enhance your zeal to work or that can probably make you want to work instead of just bumping or going straight into work once you get to the office, why don’t you probably try to utilize a few minutes warming up and preparing your soul, mind and body for work before work actually starts you are more productive than usual.

This warm up style is always better when you really want to be at your best or you really want to put your best into a particular task then warming up is best advised for this. So, this article is just giving some regular or undermined tips to warm up your soul, mind and body and get them ready for work to boost and enhance your performance output.

So here is a list of designed five-minute routines that can help you get relaxed, energized, focused, positive and present for the work that actually lies ahead of you.  So, what are the five-minutes routine guidelines?

  1. The first minute is to relax, ease yourself off every stress or tension. Trying to relax you might have to stand up, definitely shake and move every part of your body from your head to your toe. So, after this small exercise then you could close your eyes, take a deep breath, inhale relaxingly, try to breathe in slowly, counting from one on till ten. Complete ten of such breaths, so it’s more like you are breathing in and out, to get the stress out of your body system and get relaxed through this. So just breathe in and exhale ten times in one minute and this can get your nerves relaxed and ready for the next. 
  2. The second minute is to get your body energized. You would try to get your energy to move. More of a locomotive form of energy, through clapping your hands, it does not have to be too loud, keep clapping faster for a while. Then you can stomp the floor with your feet while you clap alongside. If it’s probably in your work environment and you probably don’t want to disturb or distract other colleagues with this exercise you could try out the quiet version silently by snapping your fingers, you could snap your fingers of both hands for a minute to get energized and exercised at the same time. 
  3. The third minute is assigned to focus. After you are already relaxed and energized at this point. At this stage you definitely do not want to be a loaded loose cannon or a ticking time bomb. You would have to focus your energy on trying to accomplish your goals which is actually the major reason for warming up initially. Close your eyes and try to imagine and visualize your goals or aims like they are already happening. Do into details of you actually imagining living your dream and playing it out in your mind. Savor and dwell on the feeling of the experience and channel this experience into outlining a plan to execute the plan to achieving your goal.
  4. It is four minutes after then it is the time to actually anticipate and expect success from the three previous warm ups you already did. With your eyes closed, prepare for a successful day and a productive one at that. It could also be the best time to remind yourself of the great or little successes you have actually accomplished in the past. This time you get to visualize obstacles and ways to conquer them too. Imagine yourself responding professionally to any unexpected or unforeseen problems you could probably encounter along the line.
  5. The last minute of the five-minutes exercise of warming up is to get in touch and connect with your environment. Listen to the sounds in your work, have a sense of your surroundings. Feel the mood, the air, the aura of the environment at the moment. Close your eyes and savor on the sound and sensation that comes off the environment then finally open your eyes and allow your attention linger on objects, colors, sights and the environment generally. 

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