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5 Ways To Actually Make A Great Impression At Work

The urge or should I say the inbuilt feeling of man to actually impress or create a perfect or good image for himself especially at work is practically normal.

Definitely skills and qualifications are definitely a stepping stone but this is left with your attitude and personal qualities to help enhance your chances of creating a better impression at work.

Below are tips and hints on how to help create a good impression that should last a long while at work.

Show Some Confidence

Confidence has never been naturally developed inbuilt in man instead it has always been a part of us left for us to explore and utilize after it has been developed.

Becoming confident isn’t a day job, it is something that requires grooming and growing before getting demonstrated to other people. Sometimes demonstrating confidence could be just a mere gesture or pleasantry to someone or your boss per say. As small as a smile and a short eye contact sounds it sure speaks a whole lot of confidence in you.

Confidence builds a wall of reliability and labels you trustworthy enough to do a lot of stuff. People who are confident in nature always have an aura of directionality in them that everyone believes they know exactly what they want to do. Sometimes all it takes is to understand and value your skills and strengths and then naturally you’d be able to flaunt and be bold to talk about it.

To build your confidence try to write and note your achievements and create a milestone record for every success you attain just to remind yourself of how great and wonderful you are.

It could be client remarks that actually makes you feel great or a positive and encouraging remark from your boss himself. All this would boost and enhance your confidence.

Be Curious As The Cat

The expression of curiosity in this context shows your inquisitiveness and readiness to actually learn and understand things and probably be able to recommend and proffer a solution to an issue.

Employers these days take curiosity to be a valuable personality and definitely take interest and value it. As shocking and scary as it sounds, it is a great feeling when you ask questions during the course of an interview, this definitely shows your interest and knowledge about the role you are about to pick up.

This doesn’t mean you don’t have to be rational and smart in asking questions, questions to be asked should be thoroughly analyzed and critically thought of before asking. Even in a networking arrangement when you meet new people, it is necessary and vital to ask questions, make inquiries.

When at the office ask questions and be curious to find out stuff that would broaden your mind. All these would build a good and positive impression on your boss.

Put Your Passion To Good Use

In this context passion is a virtuous quality that would influence and enhance your desire and zeal to work. Your passion could be a fuel to motivate and strengthen you.

Most of us are very quick to describe and say how passionate we are about the new role we are about to pick up and our actions would be saying otherwise. Most times during interviews when you are asked to talk about yourself always include how passionate you are on trivia and serious issues.

How are you sure how passionate you are in a work environment?  Sourcing for ways to understand and discover the impact of your job, seizing every slight opportunity to learn and discover new things , and also researching for development and upgrades about your career path or the role you are working on at the moment.

Be Proactive

There’s just a thin line or little difference between being proactive and being passionate. When you are proactive it shows your superpower is getting things done easily, you can single handedly carry out tasks and that you are always willing to change how things are done to how it ought to be done.

To demonstrate proactiveness , you can draft out your schedule of work for the day so you can always have an idea of what’s next and also make you efficient. Proactiveness gives you the superpower to actually see a problem long before it arises and proffer a solution to it before it even starts.

In your workplace, be attentive and notice everyone enough to discover a problem and create a solution to issues that don’t even tally with your role initially.

A question on how you have been utilizing your proactive skills you just said would be asked by you giving examples of how you took your initiative to solve a problem.

Communicate Clearly

Talking about communication, it doesn’t limit its options to a great speech or an impressive write up. All forms of interaction and Communication is always an avenue to grow and enhance your communication skills.

Communication is double lane quality , if you have this then you would automatically be a great listener because someone who communes well would be able to pay attention carefully to others well.  Irrespective of the environment you find yourself, great communication is always a valued quality everywhere.

To smoothen your communication skill, it is best to research commonly asked questions and find answers to them so when you are faced with such questions during an interview you would be audible and smart with your responses.

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