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5 Productive Things To Do Before 9am

Work definitely kicks off every day by 9am , so it is integral and important to know what happens or what can be efficiently productive from your wake up time to 9am when you get to work.

A lot of us are very clueless on what to do after we probably take our bath and brush our teeth, we really don’t know what to do , so most of the time we just spend our time doing unproductive things.

Since you have to be on your desk by 9am , it is ideal to be awake from 6am, so what can you possibly do between the hours of 6-9 in the morning and have a Sense or productivity?.

So what are some suggestions of activities you can do that is quite productive ?

1. Make Plans On How Your Day Should Go

The moment you wake up from your bed it is ideal and purposeful to draft out your schedule for the day and also create your shortened to do priority list for the day and have a sense of importance and direction for the day.

Starting off your day with mapping it out, you begin to know what is important and this ensures you sort out and complete all difficult and mind bugging tasks first.

This prepares your mind for certain tasks for the day and probably leaves you decoding and understanding of the task in a total sense of calmness. Mapping out your day gives you the edge of handling tasks more efficiently and gives the expected results because it was not done in a rush.

So it is a very important thing to do in the morning, having your day figured out so you do not get stressed or worked up because what you get for the day is what you have already seen or what you already expected.

2. Exercise

A lot of us don’t take this seriously and we always feel it is probably not important and not a necessity.  Exercise as jovial or simple and weird as it looks does a whole lot of things to your workaholic body, it gets oxygen from out to your brain and keeps it in a healthy motion and increases your energy levels.

Your brain would think and work the right way for the day with all of that oxygen pumped into your brain. 

You don’t have to go to the gym before you get efficient exercises, it could be as little as having a fifteen minutes work out session in the comfort of your house, going for jogs, having some push ups and squats. It even makes it great if you have a bicycle you can actually ride and try to generate oxygens for your brain.

You could get yourself a treadmill or check in for local swimming pools that could probably open for operation at 6am , go and have some swimming sessions which would keep you relaxed and exercised at the same time. The importance of exercising can not be over emphasized upon.

A whole lot of successful people attach importance to their morning exercises because they do know of the value that comes with it.

It keeps them refreshed at work and gives them the strength to do work faster and not get tired easily since their brain already processed oxygen.

3. Normalize Eating Breakfast

Health practitioners always emphasize breakfast as the most important meal of the day and should not be skipped. The breakfast meal fortunately does not have to be something heavy. It is just something to munch on and something that at-least quenches the hunger you feel.

Eating breakfast should not even be considered as stress or a big task for anybody. Like the popular Yoruba saying that what you have in your stomach, is what you use to carry out your physical tasks. So If your inside or your stomach is empty, you already lack the strength you probably need to work for the day.

Another saying is that a hungry man is an angry man , it would be wrong to be an angry man especially when you are working. It drains your mental health and weakens you physically at work.

So in all sense attach a whole lot of importance to eating breakfast before the work starts for the day.

4. Fruits

We should also try to normalize taking of fruits in the morning before going to work. Fruits are not definitely going to fill your belly but then it adds some nutrients to your system and keeps you regulated for the day’s job.

Have a signature smoothie (blended fruits) you take every morning that keeps you refreshed and ready to work every morning. You don’t have to just eat the fruits, you can drink them as well as long as it gets fruits into your system.

The fruits all have natural  nutrients they all carry so it is important to not just stick to one type of fruit, it is better to mix different fruits every morning to get certain different nutrients at the same time

5. Educate Your Mind

Your brain is most active when you wake up because it certainly has gotten enough rest it needs and requires to actually work.

Every action and every step you take towards the cause of your profession  actually builds and grows your expert power. This is the time where you need to educate and inform yourself of a whole lot of things concerning your work line or profession.

You could either grab a newspaper and read it through breakfast, you educate and update yourself on what the news says and you become current on the news. Or better still you grab a book to read and develop yourself.

Like they always say Readers are leaders. So the more you read the more strengthened you are mentally. 

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