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4 Signs To Look Out For When You Are Stocked In A Hamster Wheel

To start with, what does the hamster wheel and career development have to do?. If you get stuck in a hamster wheel in career times it is simply someone who works round the clock and really has nothing adding to him, he is not benefitting anything he is just working too much too show anything.

Regardless of how sweet and adorable our jobs are, we all have days when our job does not not look  pleasant or enjoyable, we experience days when we don’t feel like working anymore.

We all try to wave off this feeling with the fact that we try to tell ourselves that our expectations are too high so it’s probably no cause for alarm to leave the job. It is true to an extent but regardless there is no point working in a place you don’t feel fulfilled so it’s advisable to change careers or change work environments.

If there is still a feeling of doubt that you still can’t get fulfilled  in that job, then here are some tips that can help you find out if it is still a dead end ahead. So you’d know if you move on or not.

The Job Becomes Unchallenging To You

In this century jobs no longer focus on trying to develop or improve us in our strengths instead the jobs divert and focus more on overcoming our weaknesses. Overcoming your weaknesses is good but not at the expense of stagnating your strength.

For example a person who is naturally a good communicator is stuck to some behind the scene kind of role or something that doesn’t even exploit his skills and put them in great use.

So perhaps if you find yourself in a work space that doesn’t support or utilize your skills , you certainly would feel down about it and feel your skills or qualifications had always been a waste of time and resources.

Every job should be energizing and refreshing , so any job that comes short of this is definitely a hamster wheel to your career. It is also advisable that before you take a drastic action inquire if it is possible to actually change your role to something that definitely suits your character and your skill set.

Your Boss Does Not Pay Attention To Your Development

It is totally impossible to be committed to a job that does not pay attention or even recognize your development individually.  Quite alright it’s probably not in your manager’s job description to stalk or watch your development, but then in a bid to advance and develop your career when you notice your manager is not in any way concerned or encouraging about then it is time to move off from the work onto another.

It is understandable that there are a number of reasons for your manager to not pay attention to your development, probably due to issues like lack of development funds or probably a general lack of interest in anything but regardless of the reasons there is definitely no understandable excuse for not encouraging your employee on a quest to career development.

Your Job Description Is Static

At some point the company starts to progress and evolve and it leaves you stuck in the same place. No promotion, no efforts or attempt to make you change your role.

When it comes to this you are not growing your career. But regardless of this the next thing definitely is not for you to quit and change your job as this situation can still be handled.

Speak and complain to your manager about the issue that you are not developing your career path but yet the company keeps evolving. Talk to your manager about what extra tasks you could pick up and continue in the company. If eventually after all these there are no changes then it just might be a hamster wheel and definitely a dead end ahead.

The Company Is Declining

The term not everyday is christmas could also go with companies, it is normal for a company to have times it declines probably a few times but the moment you realize it is a steady and constant decline party. I would advise you try to leave and search for a new job.

It certainly might not be easy leaving the company in declining times but at this point you have to focus majorly on your career development and the decline of the company would definitely affect your career development. 

After all of these if you notice them, then it is always a dead end ahead so it is best you move and search for a better job.

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