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Who Is The Owner Of Baba Ijebu?

Baba ijebu also known as Premier Lotto Limited provides most of the lottery and betting services in Nigeria. The company was registered in 2001 and they have to privilege of being the first known opperatio of the Nigerian lotto games.

Baba ijebu is one of the most notable lotto and betting services in the nation, and one of its most sort after services particularly in the west, is the gaming platform. Overtime,, there have been various inquiries regarding who the owner of Baba ijebu is. Serious questions about who owns Baba ijebu, the provider of betting services have been raised as a result of this. In order to satisfy your curiosity, read on to discover the mysterious face behind the big name; Baba ijebu.

The Owner Of Baba ijebu

More About Baba Ijebu

Baba ijebu is a gambling organization sometimes called Premier Lotto Limited, it provides betting and lotto services in Nigeria. The organization was registered in 2001 and is the earliest known Nigerian lotto game operator. Numerous lotto games are available from Baba ijebu, including the following: Diamond, Peoples, Bingo, MSP, Metro, International, Gold. 06, Jackpot, Lucky G, Clubmaster, Super, Tota, Mark 2, Vag, Enugu, Midweek, amongst many others.

Sir Kesington Adebukunola Adebutu CON, KJW, FISM, a gaming mogul founded Baba ijebu. Its current CEO is also its billionaire owner.It would intet, Baba ijebu turned down a three-year, $75,000 endorsement agreement with Quadri Aruna in 2017.

Sir Kessington Adebutu (The owner of Baba ljebu)

Premier Lotto popularly known as Baba ijebu is a multi-million Naira betting company owned by billionaire Sir Kessington Adebutu (Baba ijebu). He was born on March 24, 1935, in Iperu Remo, an area of Ogun’s Ikenne Local Government. After completing his secondary education in 1955, Adebutu began working as a salesperson for a pharmaceutical company.

While employed by the company, he progressed to the position of Sales Manager for the then-Los Angeles and Western region, which included the modern-day states of Ogun, Oyo, Ekiti, Osun, and Ondo.
In 1963, he quit his job to launch his own modest company. Adebutu temporarily worked for Classic Chemical Limited, a pharmaceutical company that made products like Andrew’s Liver Salt and Cafenol.

He started out as a salesperson and eventually advanced to the role of Sales Manager for Lagos and the Western Region. The now-billionaire found a book that stated that no matter what job you had, you must quit; otherwise, you would be fired. It continued by saying that when you quit a little business of your own, you leave it to yourself.

Adebutu decided to start a business in an unusual location. He searched for a business that required little to no capital because he lacked any. He finally decided that he wanted to be a pools agent. As a result, Baba ijebu was founded, and it is currently regarded as one of the nation’s premier lotto and betting services.

He has made hard effort, self-discipline, and accountability his watchwords, which is the simple explanation for this. He is a wealthy billionaire with considerable resources, and his charitable deeds are essentially unheard of. The wealthy man is well known in particular since he has enjoyed the comfort of fame for many years. Rich and powerful, he has always astounded rivals and delighted fans.

His achievement is certainly something that would make anyone envious. He is renowned for being a great businessman, but he has also maintained a high level of relevance. This is due to his exceptional talent, which has won the hearts of many people all around the world even those who do not know who he is know the name Baba ijebu.

Adebutu (Baba ijebu) is not much of a public man as the last time he was seen was when he honorary doctorate degree he received as a result of hos enormous achievements, rumour has it that he Left Nigeria to London with his wife soon after he received the award.