How To Check Your BVN.

How to check your Bvn has never been this easy. Do you know that checking your Bank Verification NUmber or BVN as it is normally called is easier than you can imagine? Yes, you do not need to go to the bank or be in a long que just to check your BVN, you can check it right there and even right now at the comfort of your home, office and anywhere you might find yourself now. All you need to do is carefully read through this article to get more information on how to check your BVN.

The BVN was introduced to the Nigeria banking system on the 14th of March 2014, but it was quite popular until the government made it compulsory for every tom, nick and harry who deals with the banking and finance in the country around the latter part of 2015 and early 2016.

You would bare me witness that it is no longer news that the Ministry of finance following the order of the Federal Government has been asked to shut down all Bank accounts that can not be linked to a Bvn.

You must note that BVN is a 11-digit number which will be attached to your bank account details and will be sent to all banks in the country.
One of the good aspects of this system is that all the banks in Nigeria accepted this monetary policy, which means that your Bank Verification Number together with your bank account details are visible to all banks in Nigeria irrespective of the type you deals with.

The main reason behind the introduction of BVN by the government is to stop the increased rate of financial theft and fraud; corruption among politicians and wealthy citizens who are involved in illegal business.
It’s also believed that new innovation will ensure Transparency in the banking sector. It will also helps in immediate and efficient provision of individuals bank data should there be any emergency or corruption case.

Another characteristics of BVN is that it can easily be acquired in terms of Money because it comes free of charge.
All you need do is to visit the bank of your choice, bu it is advisable you register at the bank you deal with i.e the bank you have an account with.
Then you must follow these procedures which include:

  • Order for BVN enrollment form
  • Make sure you enter correctly all the information asked in the form before submitting the form back to enrollment post within the bank.
  • Wait till you present your biometric data which include fingerprints and facial appearance to the officer in charge.
  • Ensure that enrollment receipt is given to you before you step out of the bank. Enrollment receipt contains all the data you submitted in the enrollment form; date of registration and the bank’s name which you registered with.

You will get a short message from the bank representative. This message contains your BVN details after 24 hours.

How to Check Your BVN Online on Mobile Phone

If you have misplaced your BVN or you cannot remember the numbers anymore and you need it urgently for a transaction, do not fret you can easily get it back with your mobile phone.

Irrespective of the brand or version of the phone you are using, you can check your BVN. You do not also have to bother about the terrible internet connection in your current location because you do not need to be connected to the internet to check it unless of course you want to check it on your bank app. With the way we are about to show you, you do not need any internet connection to check it as long as the mobile device can send and receive text messages, you are good to go.

All you need do on your mobile phone, dial 5650# It works on MT, GLO, AIRTEL, ETISALAT (9mobile).
5650# is the universal code for checking / retrieving your BVN as the case may be, irrespective of the mobile network you are using.
This means that all mobile network subscribers either you an Airtel subscriber, Glo subscriber, 9mobile subscriber, or MT subscriber, you only need to dial 5650# to check your BVN online.
For all GTB Customers you can easily dial 73761# to check your own BVN online.