How To Become A Bet9ja Agent In Nigeria.

Bet9ja amongst other kinds of betting platform has changed to face of sport betting in Nigeria. Sport betting has now made its way into almost all families in Nigeria, it has become more rampant and unlike before it is done in a more civilized and organized manner even at the comfort of your house.

With regards to this development, we now have so many betting companies and betting sites that has made sport betting amongst all other kinds of betting a walk in the park. One of the most prominent betting sites is where we find Bet9ja.

Bet9ja is the most popular Nigerian sports online betting company that allows punters to bet on football matches and other sporting events. Bet9ja was founded in 2013 and is currently known to be the third most visited site after Google and YouTube.

Betting companies like Bet9ja has made it easier for various individuals to have multiple streams of income as they have agents all over Nigeria. The betting business has proved to be a very lucrative one in this time and age. Betting is a very quick means to getting money and it has become very popular in Nigeria as anyone can predict he number of goals, free kicks or penalty that would be won or played in a match.

For business minded individuals who would love to tap into this stream of income and is wondering how to become a bet9ja agent, this article will open your eyes to what you need to do to become a bet9ja agent in Nigeria.

Benefits Of Becoming A Bet9ja Agent

Ever good businessman would love to weigh their options when it comes to starting up a business or in this case being an agent for a company, you want to know the pros and cons.

The reputation of Bet9ja precedes it, this is why the popularity of bet9ja makes it very easy for agents to get new customers. The adverts runs itself there is basically almost no need for you to hit the streets telling people about Bet9ja, your customers will find you. There are numerous benefits in becoming a bet9ja agent. The prime benefit is that you will be guaranteed of steady income.

The way bet9ja works, the commission rates are based on turnover. You earn for every bet you print, amazing right?
There is a certain percentage that you will earn from every bet. Let’s say the percentage for every ticket printed is 5%. Then you will make #5 from a #100 bet, #50 from a #1000 bet just like that! It doesn’t matter if the person wins or loses the game you get your percentage regardless. The higher people stake the more your earnings.

Eligibility Criteria For Becoming a Bet9ja Agent

The registration form is quite easy to understand and fill, but before you go ahead and finn the form here are some important things to note. Defaulting any of these might result to termination or your application and you would have to fill another one from scratch when you are fully ready.

  1. Your shop must be located in a busy area that is densely populated,this would guarantee that there are customers around the area or potential customers.
  2. The shop should have enough space to accommodate your customers because we all know that they come in crowd.
  3. The shop should not be close to another Betja shop. (Must be a minimum of 10 – 15 minutes normal walking distance) This is to avoid unnecessary competition an you both work for the same company.
  4. You must have computers/laptops, Televisions, power generators and stable internet connection for easy and seamless access to the website at every point in time.

After the approval of your shop, you will be given an account on the platform and you will have to pay 75,000 naira sign up fee. With this, you will be given the following items:

  1. A bet9ja banner to advertise your shop
  2. An account on their platform
  3. Thermal printers.
    If you have the aforementioned items available, then you can ph°ceed to register on their website. Click here to register