How Much Is International Passport In Nigeria?

How much is international passport in Nigeria? This is one of the questions you ask with the rate at which people are relocation to foreign countries. An international passport, also known as a Nigerian e-passport, is a crucial travel document that allows Nigerian citizens to travel abroad. It serves as an essential identification and verification tool when visiting other countries. Understanding the cost and application process for obtaining an international passport in Nigeria is vital for travelers and those planning to explore the world. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on the cost of an international passport in Nigeria, along with the application procedures and other relevant details.

Types of Nigerian International Passports;

In Nigeria, there are two main types of international passports: the 32-page standard passport and the 64-page passport. The 64-page passport is generally recommended for frequent travelers or those who may require additional visa pages. Both types are machine-readable, making them compatible with automated immigration systems in various countries.

How Much Is International Passport In Nigeria

Application Process;

The process of obtaining an international passport in Nigeria involves several steps. Here’s a general overview:

a. Online Pre-Enrollment: Begin by visiting the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) website ( to fill out the online pre-enrollment form. Provide accurate personal information and select your preferred passport type.

b. Payment: After completing the online pre-enrollment, make the required payment through the designated channels. The cost of the passport depends on the type (32-page or 64-page) and the processing duration.

c. Book an Appointment: Schedule an appointment at the nearest passport office through the NIS website. Ensure you have all the necessary documents before the appointment.

d. Biometric Capture: On the appointment day, visit the selected passport office for biometric data capture, which includes fingerprinting and a photograph.

e. Processing Time: The processing time for the international passport varies depending on the chosen processing option. Standard processing typically takes several weeks, while the expedited option may take a few days.

Cost of an International Passport in Nigeria;

The cost of obtaining an international passport in Nigeria is influenced by several factors, including the type of passport, processing duration, and additional services. As of my last update in September 2021, here is an approximate breakdown of the fees:

a. 32-Page Standard Passport:

  • 32-page passport (Standard Processing): ₦25,000 to ₦30,000
  • 32-page passport (Expedited Processing): ₦35,000 to ₦40,000

b. 64-Page Passport:

  • 64-page passport (Standard Processing): ₦35,000 to ₦40,000
  • 64-page passport (Expedited Processing): ₦45,000 to ₦50,000

It is important to note that these fees are subject to change and may vary slightly based on factors such as location and exchange rates. It is advisable to check the Nigerian Immigration Service website or contact the nearest passport office for the most up-to-date fee information.

Additional Fees and Charges;

Apart from the basic passport fees, there may be additional charges for optional services and other requirements. These charges include:

a. Address Verification Fee: Some passport offices may charge an additional fee for address verification. This is to ensure the accuracy of the applicant’s residential address.

b. Courier Service Fee: If you opt for the passport to be delivered to your preferred address through a courier service, an extra fee will apply.

c. Correction/Modification Fee: In case of errors or modifications in the application, there might be a charge for rectifying the mistake.

d. Lost or Damaged Passport Fee: If your passport is lost or damaged, you will need to pay a replacement fee, which is typically higher than the standard passport fee.

Passport Renewal;

For those with expired passports or those whose passports are close to expiration, the renewal process is more straightforward than the initial application. The cost of passport renewal is generally lower than the cost of obtaining a new passport.

Obtaining an international passport in Nigeria is an essential step for citizens planning to travel abroad. The cost of the passport varies depending on the type of passport, processing duration, and additional services. It is crucial to follow the application process diligently and ensure all required documents are in order to avoid unnecessary delays or complications. The Nigerian e-passport not only facilitates international travel but also serves as a symbol of identity and citizenship. By being aware of the costs and procedures involved, Nigerian travelers can embark on their international journeys with confidence and ease.