Difference Between

Difference Between S22 Ultra And S23 Ultra

Technology is ever evolving and the struggle to get the latest gadget is real. Since Samsung released the new S23 Ultra, there has been controversial arguments on the difference between S22 Ultra and S23 Ultra. While some believes that both S22 Ultra and S23 Ultra are the same, other people have taken their time to find out the differences between S22 Ultra and S23 Ultra. To someone who is not really a fan of gadgets or who is not familiar with the features to look out for when choosing a phone, S22 Ultra and S23 Ultra will most likely look the same to them.

For the new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, Samsung placed more focus on its camera with a new 200-megapixel main shooter that promises to raise the bar for phone camera photography, small business owners and start up businesses would love this feature of the new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. The phone also packs a new 12MP front camera with better HDR performance and auto-focus for selfies. Content creators and social media influencers would be excited about this feature. below is a well detailed explanation on the difference between S22 Ultra and S23 Ultra.

S22 Ultra And S23 Ultra.

  • Price

Let us first consider the price difference between these two phones. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s price starts at $1,199, though it is the same high starting price as the Galaxy S22 Ultra but, you get double the starting storage, which is now 256GB vs 128GB for the previous model, and the starting RAM is still 8GB isn’t that amazing? Another thing is that if you want 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, you’ll pay $1,379, and the 1TB model with the same amount of RAM will cost you $1,619. The Galaxy S23 Ultra with 256GB of storage cost $1,299 last year, and the 512GB model cost $1,399. The 1TB S22 Ultra doesn’t seemto be available. 

  • Physical qualities: Design and colors.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra looks very identical to the Galaxy S22 Ultra that you can mistake one for the other, but despite the striking resemblance,, there are some notable differences.The camera array on the back is a bit larger due to the bigger 200MP camera, but it is not enough to be an eye sore. Another welcomed upgrade is that the display on the S23 Ultra has a less sharp or severe curves, which has made writing and drawing using the S Pen a more natural and comfortable experience as you approach the edges of the phone. The main Galaxy S23 Ultra color options are Phantom Black, Cream, Green and Lavender. The Galaxy S22 Ultra colors are Phantom Black, Phantom White, Burgundy and Green. 

  •  Battery life and charging

On paper the Galaxy S23 Ultra is similar to the Galaxy S22 Ultra with the same 5,000 mAh battery. But according to Samsung that the S23 Ultra should last 20% longer on a single charge.  The S23 Ultra continues to offer 45W fast charging, which promises 65% charge in 30 minutes with the right adapter (not included). However, the wireless charging speed stays the same as well.