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How To Negotiate About Flexible Work Hours

Build ups to certain festive periods might require more time from you at work and might look so demanding for you. 

It is at the same time supposed to make work hours flexible for you but instead these periods leave you questioning and unsure of your work life balance if it’s going well or not.

So what can you possibly do to negotiate for flexible work hours ?

Reasonable Reasons

Right from time we all think asking for shorter working hours might send the wrong message to your employer and make you look lazy or irresponsible. Walking up to your boss and talking about flexible work hours looks like a very big and scary task for everyone of us and normally it should not.

From research most workers find the urge to ask or complain about your work life balance to be a very big mountain for them as they don’t even know how to go about it, they probably even think about it for a long while before eventually speaking up.

These contemporary times a lot of companies regardless of their sizes and reputations are taking a lot of considerations on helping their staff build and regulate their work life balance because in recent times they have all found out how productive and efficient staffs get to be when their work life balance is incredibly balanced in real sense.

The need to first be sure if your reasons for wanting to demand for flexible work hours are quite reasonable then it is important you gather confidence and make that your staging point towards demanding or asking for flexible work hours.

If you probably believe and understand the fact that you are really deserving and if your reasons are genuine then there is a high chance your request would be approved.

Write Out Your Requests

In a formal environment, the best thing to do while making an official request is definitely to put it down in writing and submit to either the human resource manager who in turn submits it to higher authorities after going through it.

While writing, ensure to be more expressive and detailed in giving out your information on why you are deserving of the flexible work hours. It is necessary to be detailed, ensure to add and include your anticipated and estimated time duration, and probably any form of flexibility you probably want to have all of these included while writing out your request to the company.

Following submission of the written request it might be ideal to also speak to the manager about it to have an honest opinion of how well or the likeliness of the approval of your request. So it is safe and important to write and also speak about your request to your manager.

Put the Business In Consideration

In the case of writing and seeking for approval of flexible work hours be sure to consider and  think of the company’s requirements and if possible think of a likely solution to filling your gap.

It is advisable to actually think about an alternative solution for your request for flexible hours not affecting the company greatly before you finally solicit for a flexible work hour from the company.

This also helps the manager as he would be relieved of some stress of thinking of a way to probably fill in the gaps and shuffle the company. Instead you already provided him with enough solutions which he definitely would look into and also approve your request faster since you already showed you carry the interest of the company at heart.

Project Or Suggest Work Arrangements

Following the above point, be clear and precise about what you want and be sure to also proffer a solution to the gap or space you’d be leaving.

If you would be soliciting to work for some flexible hours then you need to be sure of what you can achieve and how well you can be productive within these periods and don’t just aim to be lukewarm in these kinds of periods.

Be sure to have a standardized plan or work arrangement already in plan first before soliciting for a flexible work hour. Be real and honest with yourself and the company on what you can achieve within the time frame you request for 

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